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A limited edition Smart Bed on Lee at a sleep number Store near use. Steve Dresner, w T o P Traffic and now the Storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets. If you're planning to get things done this weekend, possibly getting the tree possibly decorating, you might want to think about doing it this weekend because we will be dry and then we do have chances of rain next Saturday. So today beside A few Sprinkles. Besides, the cloud cover temperatures are gonna be nearing that 60 degree mark today will have the clearing skies overnight sunshine this weekend temperatures this weekend or in the mid fifties, so not a bad Saturday and Sunday to get things done Rain all through the day on Monday, greeting us before that sun comes up and continuing right on into the afternoon. I'm storms forming around with just Lauren, my kids. It's a nice mild afternoon out there if bit gray. Of course we've got 58 degrees now in Bethesda. In Reston, 58. In the nation's capital, 61 degrees brought to you by patient first positions, X rays, lab tests and prescription drugs with 20 D. C. Metro area medical centers. 2 41 Julian Assan Jizz partner is appealing to President Trump and asking him to pardon the wiki leaks. Founder Stella Morris posted a photo of their two young Children on Twitter and wrote, Our family needs to be whole again. 49 year old. A son's remains in a British prison cell is he waits for a judge's decision about whether he can be sent to the U. S to face espionage charges. Iranian state television is reporting one of the country's scientists has been assassinated. Israel has accused that scientist of leading a military nuclear program back in the early two thousands. State TV reports cited sources confirming the death. It said it would offer more information soon. More than six months after a D C man died of covert 19 in federal custody. Fabian Tinsley's body still has not been returned to his family. Letitia Boyd, Tinsley's niece, says they have no idea or they.

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