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Feel like walking. Rally he even said. I feel like you're setting up how? Do, you want to go through my Kirk Carlson I. Ever made any such mission, so we're kind of like taken back. Like what did he really tell us? What's going on here? I couldn't get him to confess to the same exact thing that he had confessed. Today's before you can hear the Cindy Carlson. Pressing, her husband Carl over and over again. She doesn't give up as the questions become more aggressive. Coral appears to make halfway admission. You! took. Your. told me that they didn't set it up that way, but when you were in, you saw opportunity. After Opportunity. Very strange word for us about a son's death. I would find it very unusual that apparently it would be fair to the death of their is an opportunity. For right now I know I. I'm just here. Hard. No I mean you just just. Make. Saliva. Touching the ground is just. Oh now I have my coffee. Then, I mean, did he? Learn, how? It's not clear cut and it's not definitive it's. By no means that we think this was a slam dunk I I'll be in touch with you. All right bye. So at that point, we knew we're going to be bringing them in for an interview. And they asked him to come in for questioning, they subbed. You know what that says about. You WanNa talk about my wife and dead saw. This isn't a simple interview. Compassionate. We all know.

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