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Your card to it's twelve thirty nine president trump doubling down on his attack on for democratic Congress woman of color and a Tweety call them called on them rather to apologize to the U. S. in Israel forty claims of the horrible hateful things a set this after the crowded Israeli North Carolina chanted sent her back referring to Minnesota congresswoman you'll Han Omar White House senior adviser Steven Miller says a trump should be allowed to criticize the congresswoman regardless of the race if you wanna have a color blind society it means you can criticize immigration policy you can criticize people's use you can ask questions about where they're born and not have to be seen as racial New Jersey senator and democratic presidential hopeful Cory Booker says he believes president trump is using race you have a demagogue fear mongering person who's using race to divide in this is a referendum not on him it's actually a referendum on the heart and soul of our country Miller was on fox news Sunday Booker was on CNN state of the union other some potentially warring results for Joe Biden and the CBS news poll on the democratic presidential race Biden still leads in that survey of democratic voters in battleground states twenty five percent of those asked called him their first choice but Elizabeth Warren is moved up to second place with twenty percent followed by calmly Heris with sixteen percent Bernie Sanders with fifteen percent CBS news elections in service director Anthony savant of they feel a camel Harris was strong and that's given her a boost and there's a bit of a gap there even when you ask who seems to be passionate and fighting for voters like you where Warren and Harris do better than Joe Biden and that's kind of underneath this race getting a little bit tighter I would describe it is very fluid within that top two years of onto was on CBS's face the nation meanwhile Kamel Harris is taking the lead in a poll among Democrats here in California she's moved past Joe Biden and it looks as though the debate performance when she took on the former vice president has done a poor may have given or more class at home than any of her work here as a senator or before that she she stepped up on the national stage another park and I have a few telephones noticed not similar he runs a Quinnipiac poll the pine terrace with twenty three percent support here in California point swing in her favor and she actually is now leading former vice president Joe Biden so it's good that she's made a major moral button isn't far behind he's a twenty one percent Bernie Sanders at eighteen Elizabeth Warren at sixteen among Democrats here in California to help him can extend seventy newsradio well New York grapple with.

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