Denver, Utah, Demarcus Walker discussed on Dari and Mel - The NFL Draft Recap Show: 5/6/17


I'm going to go denver you know i know it was a week draft when it comes to offensive lineman garrod bowls they'll be able to get him out of utah at twenty vin taking a pass rushing machine charles walker out of florida state but the one this was at the barca's or demarcus walker and then a couple of guys that i'm i'm i'm interested it now jake but we know it will be the year after that will see him but i think that's a great pick when you look at twenty eighteen isaiah mckenzie a georgia i think is a little bit under the radar he's not a big guy we're talking what one sixty five maybe five seven and a half liu lightning fast quick on his feet can be a big a big hitter in the return game potentially but mel why do i just seemed with i think this chad kelly thing and it chad kelly's a very good quarterback that needs to be in the right place in the right franchise there's no expectations on him he's mr irrelevant this year last pick in the draft twothree three years from now let's just see i'm really intrigued by the broncos taking chad kelly with that last week and the other day trick for me was 1980 three draft john elway goes one jim kelly goes to the buffalo bills are john elway drafting jim kelly's nephew chad kelly so you've got to be in the final pie chart of hope way in the draft tied together that's 1980s three pretty amazing how that all kind of circled it and i thought for a little bit i thought wouldn't it be a great story if late in the draft buffalo took chad kelly yeah and then it became chad kelly's had some offfield issues and i honestly think maybe if the conversation was had in buffalo the conversation ended something like this we probably don't need him back in his hometown.

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