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That is just an important part of our story. The design of business the business of design is brought to you by mail chimp. We talked to some people working for a male chimp from their homes about what creative leadership looks like in these uncertain times. My name is Jean Lee Jean. Lee is senior vice president of customer experience design. Gene. Talked about why mail chimp has been able to adjust. So well, during the pandemic, we have a culture and a motto Call Bomb Listen Harb Change Fast, and it made it even more important during the time books Kobe. Or customers going through and so as a company some of the things that we've done is we actually have offered free standard counts or public service organization. For instance, we rally together and we get ten nine dollars worth of services for existing customers who we knew they needed the financial support. We even offer sort of pricing discounts for pricing relief for about a year organizations working on causes like social injustice and racism. We launched free customers for websites for five years, which is. Our ability to say hey. We, know what you're going through to get your business online in the start. Of free cousins domain from us, and we'll provide that three five years..

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