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He is a combat veteran who served with the elite US navy seals. He is the founder of four successful companies in the medical device and security spaces. You may have seen him as a commentator on CNN ABC NBC MSNBC and many others. He has a master's degree in physician assistant studies. It is a big honor for me to say Chris McKinley. Welcome to first-class fatherhood, a Alex. Thank you for having me members sight of the bigger. All right here, we go. How many kids do you have? And how old are you? I have one child and he is seventeen years old. Wow. Okay. What type of sports activities was he into growing up? So my son is a huge hugely volleyball. He's been doing it for about ten years. His his mother played division to volleyball on a scholarship. And and who's I think he's Netflix got that volleyball gift does your good kiddies holler than me stronger than me faster. Than me smarter than me. And that's everything of always wanted him to be now if I can just give him to be wealthier than the some point in time. I'll be I'll be the happiest dad. I can be always been amazed at at father's Keith there that keep their child down like that under the some kind of thing, I've always tried to give him roots and wings and very much experiential parents. And I'm thinking, why would I buy him and object when I can buy him an experience, you know, that's that's pretty much when I've when I've aspired to do his whole life. And I think it pays its I'm already seeing it paying off now. And I think it'll J the payoff throughout his whole life. Yeah. Good stuff. All right. Chris please just a second here to hit my listeners, but a little bit about your background, and what you do. Okay. So I was in the navy for a little over ten years. The only job I ever had in the navy was a seal went from right from boot camp to buds or seal training, right? From buds. A seal team and. Fell you know, lock stock and barrel headfirst into it. I mean, it's not nothing that you can totally you just gotta jump headfirst into it. If you wanna be successful at it. So I did that for a little over ten years. And then I broke from that my wife became pregnant with my son, and I had to make a hardcore decision. Do I want to continue on these, you know, massive lengthy p- redeployment work us, and then do deployment and then come back and start the process all over again and the estranged from her and a strange from my from my son. So I made a pretty hard decision. And I broke from that. And I started doing, Well, I I went to physician assistant school, I became a PA. I have my master's degree as a PA currently licensed fully licensed in Ohio and North Carolina..

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