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But you know, it's tough for me to ever think that MAC would have hugged me after a match hit just tough for me to think that you know, or vice versa. You know, these days guys today there is just different. Right. You know? And and it I'd like that you know, I'd like to have that kind of rivalry with him. Because it brought out the best in me. But I was at a stage Michael where things that happened over the course of my career, they'll every time I walked out there. I felt like these guys would rather beat me than. You know than anything, you know, which was you know, to me what a compliment. Yeah. Did you did you feel like you wanted was her party you part of Jimmy Connors every match he played I wanna get under his skin. I want to piss them off. I wanna fuck with. This guy's head. I wanna psychologically beat him. I wanna physically beat him. I wanna fuck and beat the sky. Anyway, I can't was it always like that. Couldn't have said it better myself, a real. But it's, but it's true because you have to impose you know, what you have on them because it's not only that match because you're going to play these guys over and over and over again. So you gotta try to figure out a way to never let them forget the last time, you know. So, you know, for me, whatever that took right on our Jeter, and I've been and I've been criticized for that, you know, for having that kind of attitude. Sure, you know, but you know, you know, what the hell like you said, you know, I am what I am before ninety one. You had an injury you're out partic- what was happening like in the late eighties before that tournament were were you having a lot of problems now hurt your. I didn't you know in in ninety ninety your risk missed a lot of games. I've missed a whole year miss the whole year, and you had how many straight US open appearances before that. I don't I don't know twenty straight US open appearance thing eighteen nineteen something like that. So ninety was the first time you missed it..

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