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And i kept austin andy iskoe were talking a little college basketball la jack murphy former durango playschool coach got a win on the road against jacksonville's dolphins yes artist gilmour's alma mata and it is india and basically way but yes values calment with the powder blue and yellow uniforms and they were player on a national stage i think they were a final floor where final already i think this lady ucla was enacted that one get vacated their vinyl for performance on the tra i don't know why would happen i don't remember his seem to recall something about the that team over a little uh mental remember the details i buy may be mistake on that one but uh i do remember them file think intranet that ucla run by kansas saw forty two 24 lead stanford three to to go first half in that one second of two over there and sacramental portland beat sacked feet eighty two 75 and got the one in the cover their fifty nine 53 santa clara climb back in it against san jose state with 503 go in the second half san diego state still leads comes agra fifty four forty seven four forty nine to go at the va assets one that again we're keeping an eye on and then the other game is forty one 24 portland state by seventeen now 507 to go first staff hospital ian down there i should say down there over there in berkeley against cal now 43 2004 so up by nineteen and that's eight onto college front spurs in the jazz salt lake city utah by twelve to have fifty to thirty eight sons were able to edge the grizzlies 97 95 knicks beat the celtics 102 93 by suffered by the new yorkers their bowls hung in there with cleveland but lost the game got the cover our one fifteen 112 cavs beat him in cleveland in one fourteen 109 nice comeback by the raptors beyond 45 by more derozen and he beat philadelphia seventy six years twenty two three temple putting way florida international 104 to go fourth quarter if you didn't watch the game and you do that money on in euro bummed out it's because outs mugu went up for series or for florida international they're starting quarterback and they really didn't have much of a chance after that uh one one vancouver san jose sixteen 42 to go second period colorado in the la kings seventeen thirty nine to go second period.

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