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And i think it's new difference Outside of that department and other departments where you just have to have more communication And it's i think you can do that. You know for every company for every size but especially the larger. The company sizes are the more vital. It is that each department opens up that dialog and communication. I hear you in that case if there was a deprivation colleague hitting this podcast watching this podcast. What would be your advice saying. What should they do to make it more equitable more as as defined the problem rather than try to get into the solution defined the common of diversed. We have to get to you. Have any intention to be compliant but you also want to each the business of the gland as well so compliance as well as plan totally. Do we find the balance of what would you tell them. Especially the data protection league so that there's more understanding more collaboration. That's a great question. So i think i look at it through the lens of you know the running joke with lawyers. If you wanna know what not to do ask a lawyer. I think a lot of people that are in the privacy field tend to come at it from the. These are the things that you can't do. And i would say just reframe that right. Tell me what i can do. So that when i come in and i'm trying to solve a problem your perspective is more. How can i solve that rather than well. You can't do that. And here's why right. Help me get to that in solution. Okay so if. I may summarize you're saying don't tell me i can't do this. Tell me what other things i can do. And i will find a solution within that. Yes and hopefully. It's a collaboration where you're working together to find the best solution. Toss in your view. No i- hundred percent. I very much like that. I think the marketing world when you rely on creating content when developing strategies. You really have to go through the guidelines of what google says you know for the most part follow that. I think this is a little bit the opposite cadillac. Google does tell you pretty pretty straightforward. Here's what not to do. They tell you a little bit broader scale of what to do provide better customer experience. Oh okay you know but when they get down to the details like they get very specific they get specific when it comes to the area of. Don't do this more often than they tell you what to do specifically so i think it kind of goes along with that in to what chris says you know you just you have to ask and you have to kind of open up the communication and get a better understanding and i think it's important for all of us is ask more questions of each other to to better understand understanding. I'm finding the common ground. Is the of any discussion whether it's with marketing. Or whether it's with Privacy dozens of time. If i ask you for one final message.

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