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Say play WGN radio on tune-in WGN news times. Three o'clock news. Sponsored by victory auto records dot com, and here is Vic Vaughn, they say good morning light rainfall outta here. It's forty nine degrees. The city of Chicago has filed its lawsuit against actor Jesse small. Let WGN's Ryan. Burl reports. Chicago's law department announcing late Thursday, it's filed a civil complaint against empire actor jussie smollet in the circuit court of Cook County after he failed to pay the city a one hundred and thirty thousand dollar Bill to recoup expenses from his allegedly staged racist, homophobic attack. The city says he faked the attack January twenty ninth and made false statements to investigators, however last month all charges were dropped in the case by the Cook County state's attorney's office, no response yet from small up the US State Department confirms one of two bodies found in the Dominican Republic is that of an American woman they were found earlier this week local police say it looks like a car crash. A State Department spokesman says they're still working to the body. United States is closely monitoring the local authorities investigation into the cause of the death couple's car appears to have gone into the water. The other body is believed to be the husband of the woman. Trump administration push for tougher border security again Thursday, vice president Pence stopped at the US Mexico. Oh border near Tucson, a promise. The president would continue the fight to build the wall. As reports by some media that the president may resume separating families. We're not considering restarting family separation. He called out Democrats said they should come up with more border money to end what he called the border crisis of twenty one year.

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