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The people's Accident. Attorney Jackie Lynn on Arizona's news station in is now taking batting practice ready to fill in for the Marlins. If they call, let's get back to Gaydos and Chad. You think we could bat third and fourth in that line up there so bad? What do you think we joke about that, But those guys that's just otherworldly what they do. Hit a curve, a hidden somebody's thrown 95 heat, and then the next pitch that drop it down to 68. And you're bailing out because it's a curve ball. Do you think you're going to get beaned? Do you not know that I'm a Semiprofessional, Slow pitch softball stud. You could put me in that baseball game and I hit at least 200. Was that famous s Ah, slow pitch. Was that the king in his court? You ever see those guys know there's a guy who only played with one outfielder? He had two outfielders in a second, like a second shortstop base, and that's it and he would pitch and he would back up and he was like he was crazy King of the court's sounds like me. I could play all I I don't I don't I'm thinking now thinking now. Hey, let me give you three numbers, okay? 902,800 2100 Last three days. Of what we've been reporting roughly And I say what we've been reporting to 19 1918 121 100 The last three days. Cove it cases in Arizona. I'll say this. I absolutely want to believe these numbers, but I'm a little skeptical. Are people still getting tested or the given up? And is that why the numbers are down or Or and this is what I hope it is. We're masking up and it's working. And I really want to believe that And I'm going to choose to believe that, at least for now, But if you look at, you know, when is the last time Arizona had numbers? Let's just say, we'll say, just round everything up three days of 2000 day. And I'm looking at my notes. It's weeks. Yeah. We'd have to go back to. We have to go back to the middle of June. So just to let you know we have to go back to the middle of June to see these type. Of ah of numbers and when you go back to the middle of June, you know what you see, but the mask mandate on the 19th of June. So I'm hoping the numbers are good. I hope this is what's happening in the Arizona that we're not the hot spot anymore. I don't think we are. I think we've passed it. And you know, we're talking earlier today that the middle of the country starting to feel a little bit of it. Ah, I think Slowly but surely over the next several weeks, you're going to see that it feels like it's it's. It's gone from one coast to this coast in the Southwest. Now it feels like it's kind of more in the middle, and it's But I think we've seen the worst of it. Behind us doesn't mean it can't return. You know, hard core in the fall, Which is the prediction that and by the fall, I would assume that would be more like New York may be. And if it comes back then and then it would maybe January. Yeah, like March. You know, kind of thing, So it seems to be this three way and hopefully by then We've got a somewhat reliable In use vaccine that at least a majority of people have tried. O R. 50% of it is out there that we've got that herd kind of immunity may be the vaccine. The 1st 1 that comes out. You get it. It cuts It cuts it down to maybe 50%. So so here's a percent of the people to get it explode. And that was the other, not exploded. You know, the is the interesting thing. We're gonna have to figure out from here on. Are we going to choose business over school? Because I know I don't wanna have to do that. And I'm gonna have to make that decision because this is, you know, it's a tough one for Governor Doug Ducey haven't liked what he's always handled this whole pandemic. But That's a tough decision, because do you start to open things up a little bit? And then do you say, Listen, we're also going to send kids to school because you might have to say you know what? There's no way we can open up the bars. There's no way that I guess you know if you do so we can open up the gyms. We have to prioritize the kids going back to school because yesterday we talked to will humble who used to do the job of Dr Cara Crist. He said. If you get numbers that continue to go really far down, right? You could get K through five in school. Yeah, at the buildings. Because they're not super spreaders. That would be a win. But I wonder if you have to say okay, The only way we can get through through this is if we if we don't make a mistake that we did in the past, which is opened up too early, just wait. Look, we have to be smart. And if the mass are really working, I think in doing Having people, especially the older kids, the younger kids if they're going to go to school, and they're there in like, sixth grade all the way down to Kenny Garden, you should have let them be. But the older five might not need a map because they don't seem to spread they don't catch. It is easy. They don't seem to be that that what they are when they have the flu flu there the magnet and they love to give where I believe that I think the right thing to do also it is to give Maybe some teachers and some parents of Joyce, your kid may go to school in person. But you know what? They may have five teachers at one campus that they pulled from different places that want to do it and your kid maybe going to a different campus. If that's what you need to do, so I think I think there needs to be some choice. And I know they're marching tonight. The or something There's a lot of marches going over their parents, the parents of teacher the parents of people who want their kids to go to school on they won't have a choice and I'm good with the choice. Amazing how much we march during a pandemic. Yeah. I mean, I know that What happened to Floyd was so awful and you know, there had to be some sort of protests, but We've gathered in the year of a pandemic for protests for a few trump rallies. Yesterday there was another protest in Tempe. And it's like, okay, I understand that you have a right to protest and You know, we need to protest some of these things. But it's just so odd during a pandemic that have this that you know, people just keep going out there and we're not Portland. No. At least we're not bored, but we do it. We do a pretty good job of protest in Arizona. We've had a couple of pickups. But Portland is you gotta understand what Portland is the recipe that you want for insanity You've got uber. Left wing liberals who have allowed a bunch of people to come there and essentially made it the Haight Ashbury off of the time and then you throw in antifa, you throw in the people that want to get antifa to do stuff on. You've got a great recipe for insanity, and that's what you've got there. Coming up next. I want to tell you about a friend of mine who has the corona virus. Her story is going to amaze you. It's.

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