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My girl WGN right here I'm Riley James that's first time to Manhattan's charted in 1965 on carnival It forms in 62 in New Jersey City but didn't get a record deal for a little while and that was sunny bivens and who else was in that group Of course blue love it And Wally Kelly and there's more Oh Ricky Taylor of course And sadly 1970 the lead singer who was George mitty Smith yeah did lead all the way through 70 it got a brain tumor died by the end of 1970 31 years old That's when Gerald alston came in to replace him and as fate would have it Gerald Olson who was a replacement in 1970 is the only surviving member of all the original manhattans are gone But yeah that was the first time they charted an after carnival rereleased which we played earlier searching for a baby and I'm the one love forgot and didn't play that I should have But so many good ones trying to get to many of them before the night is everything I'll do I call it love next and that was the last charter on carnival from a 1967 but Karen and Chicago said I just found out about the manhattans and of course you know she knew about the hits on Columbia I'm like no no no they used to be a great group And you know not giving the Columbia stuff short shrift just saying I don't want to hear it But the carnival stuff and the deluxe stuff yeah all day All right so Donovan says I screwed up G what else is new This is not the second my calendar was wrong It is the third the third night of Hanukkah So all right what do you know Well I normally wouldn't know this off the top of my head but just being down in Jersey last week with Jewish friends I found out that Sunday Night was the first night so I kind of thought knew we were slightly off there Yeah so much for my calendar And I guess because the holiday what starts at sundown through the next day type thing so they may think of it differently but my calendar misled me said that this was interesting This was the second night And like I said no the prayer though Here I doubt you'd ever play this but you may have come across it but Adam Sandler's Hanukkah song which is a reduced several different versions Sure because you know you can't listen to doctor demento and not have heard that stuff Of course Yeah If you would be able to play that at some point one of the versions that would be fun Oh yeah no I absolutely will before the before the holiday is over So I've got through Sunday which means I have to do it either tomorrow or Thursday to make it on one of the nights And then next year because I of course I asked my handy Alexa device and she said that Hanukkah next year will be starting on December 18th So we'll be running right through Christmas Yeah right The calendars don't coincide year to year but when they fall at the same time that's probably nice for kids Traditionally there weren't any gifts involved with the holiday from what I understand You know maybe a little guilt the chocolate coins they would give out But with such pressure holiday time now kids get gifts Well they kind of fill either their gratification I guess as opposed to opening them all on one morning or Christmas Eve It's spread out so Yeah And they're not supposed to be that major though You know they're supposed to be minor things Yeah right exactly Like I say originally it was those foil coins the chocolate that they would have in a gold foil Yeah And that was about it but now it's developed into an iPod or something Of course Speaking of iPod music and I'm not sure because I didn't get a chance to listen last night of the night before but you know that rosalie trembling the famous music director from CK LW passed away last year Oh yes I do And it's a blessing to her in a loss for the rest of us She'd been suffering from Alzheimer's for several years in fact in 2006 she got a big award She wasn't there for it but her son picked it up and they asked her you know is your mom aware of the subordinate he said oh yes she absolutely is So she at that point knew that she got the recognition She was utterly amazing And everybody remembers her music ability and for people who didn't know about rosalie rosalie was a housewife in Windsor who became a switchboard operator at sea KL W and 63 and she was appointed a music director by the end of 67 because they discovered that she could pick hits and she could pick hits like nobody else You know the joke with me was always they'd ask me if I liked it and if I did they knew not to play it Well she was just the opposite She could send them and just knew them But while everybody waxed a sentimental about that I think they missed the real story of rosalie and that's when cannon came in this woman was strapped with those regulations and she still made CK W that number one top 40 station in Detroit and Windsor and of course the Detroit station didn't have the cannon problems so even with that she was able to triumph and good for her No kidding And I think Bob Seger even wrote a song She didn't she didn't like that She did not play rosalie She was not one who liked to be pandered to ever And that was you know so she never did play it but yeah he did And a lot of people gave her a lot of credit but I think that most of them stateside didn't understand what that woman had to go through as time went on you know it was easier in 68 than a waden 71 That's for darn sure And then she went to work for Barney ailes for a while who had been a promotion guy at Motown and was independent she did that for a while I think her last job was working at a casino Yeah but she had been I thought she had stayed right to the end of kind of the a.m. incarnation of because I remember there was a documentary that came out maybe just in Canada in 2000 and four the rise and fall of the big 8 Yes And there was talk and she was being interviewed and it sounds like she was kind of in part of the negotiations in the early to mid 80s when they were trying to move it to FM and of course the CRTC with their archaic regulations wouldn't allow hits to be played on FM Right The person who changed that was George Johns and that was an interesting story He was he went from a Winnipeg to Toronto and the same thing was they wouldn't let you play hits on a famine so he actually went to the CRTC did not tell his ownership or management that he was doing it And he said I need to explain to you why these records that I want to play are popular with adults and they bought it So.

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