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Only annuals i feel lighter i don't carry grudges i'm bishen vanity it's great let go i should have started sooner and i also feel softer because i'm not scared of being vulnerable i don't see us weakness anymore and i've gained spirituality i'm aware that before death was in the neighborhood now it's next door or in my house what do you wish that the younger union knew about a beckoning i wish that the younger me would have known that it is an inexorable unavoidable process the nothing can stop it that i have to enjoy the body i have got moment i've always wanted to be different i wanted to be a told blonde with long legs now how do you i chief latino women it's impossible on i know that in ten years i will look at pictures of me now i will say wow she looked pretty good for her age i'm never going to look better than now this very moment never it just seems like state of mind is so important i think it's very important i tried to appear in front of everybody has a very healthy and strong person and that helps me believe that i am that for example my mother is a wigner she's all the time to sold it i'm in pain so we always had the dea that my mother was very frail ill person that would not live long she's strong as a bull but the shoe projects on what she thinks herself is frailty.

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