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By the way flavoring celebrating and slavery is interesting was not the emancipation proclamation did not make slaves free of a lot of people think so slaves at the end of the civil war were allowed to stay in the south some state and actually worked for their the people that own them previously and there's some interesting stories that i've read in the past most migrated try to head up north for jobs where they met i rish and others who fought them back it was not the the idea that when slavery ended everything got good for the blacks is not good is not true i mean like people had a long history through jim crow and of course today you know god speaking of screaming dr drew i was screaming at them when they were talking about this he had a guest on the guy from westwood one who's a cat a reporter and they were saying that they were talking about african american saying i have to give that talk to my son when he leaves you know and they go well we have to give that talk to our sons to and i go no it's not boasted that drew and and his said that this reporter from westwood one say we have to give the talk to our sons on what you're talking about stop it's not the same for white kids in a car can i just say brock turner and we can be done with this talk about yeah but i mean just the idea i mean i sought my neighborhood because one of my kids where i lived in san diego was about it was in carmel valley i know right and and they had a black friend that would come over and every time he drove over cop stopped him in our neighborhood every time well not every time i'll be in a three year period before he moved i guess he was pulled more than twenty five times the cop stopped him and sometimes a cop recognize them.

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