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RV's and real. Estate, donations KCBS news time. Traffic time seven forty eight where. We going Peter we're going to San Mateo bridge this is highway ninety two. Eastbound in the Hayward direction on the flat section just before you pass by the toll, plaza two car crash ended up on the center divide all of the activity. Now is on the eastbound side for a while you have the, fire department on both sides of the center divide but the westbound fire department has been released and now only eastbound is affected and it's why you have that stretch of slow traffic just about mid span eastbound on the San Mateo bridge in Campbell learned of this from Wayne of the KCBS phone force who had us even before the CHP northbound, seventeen before Hamilton car too big rig crash. Together the cars overturned and blocking the middle lane the big rig is. Out of the way on the right hand shoulder the first CHP, officer to get there is calling for an ambulance, and, I'm already seeing the Backup take shape, here. You'll come to the brake lights after you pass Camden, avenue in union city eight eighty southbound roadwork at Alvarado Niles has it slow from industrial Parkway to Alvarado Niles that. Should be over with at nine. Your next traffic update at seven fifty eight on the traffic leader KCBS KCBS. Six day forecast is calling for mostly sunny skies throughout the afternoon today with AC conditions, especially inland highs in the upper fifties and low sixties at the beaches seventy. S to the low eighties by the bay and the low nineties, inland the low clouds and fog will push their way into the bay tonight with lows in the fifties and tomorrow after some overcast will be mostly sunny again highs from the sixties at the beaches into the low nineties inland and that's going to continue into the work week Monday through Thursday all look mostly sunny highs from the sixties to the, low nineties traffic and weather together on the. Eight Sankei CBS CBS news special report New York Republican congressman Chris Collins. Has done an about face and now says he will suspend his, reelection campaign days after his Indictment on federal insider trading charges on Wednesday Collins decried the accusations that he tipped off his son and others who have failed test. Of a cancer drug at the company where he served on the board of. Directors he called the, charges politically motivated by affiliation with innate immune a therapeutic says prompted attacks, on me my integrity and my investments by my political opponents I believed in. The company and still do but in a statement this morning Collins said his candidacy would be amunition for Democrats and while he's stepping aside from congress he reiterated this bell from his announcement Wednesday I will mount a vigorous. Defense in court to clear my name I look forward to being fully vindicated and exonerated CBS news special report I'm Bill Rakoff KCBS news time seven fifty one a free speech group says President, Trump is, still blocking dozens, of. People from his Twitter account despite a court's ruling that, doing so violates the first amendment Columbia University's night First amendment institute sending a letter to the Justice department yesterday listing forty one people it says are still blocked from the president's account the letter says nearly. All the accounts were locked after. Sending tweets critical Mr. Trump or his policies a US district judge ruled in may that people have, a right to reply directly to haul Titians use Twitter accounts as public forums for official business the president is appealing the ruling that cable television industry is getting killed, by cord cutters six people a minute reportedly are pulling the. Plug this is, according to you a, new study we get the story from KCBS reporter. Mike Cogan how it is you get like, four hundred channels but there's nothing, to watch there's just not that much on you. Just flip the channels and there's nothing, interesting instead of paying eighty five bucks, a, month for cable Gina cut the cord subscribing said a Netflix Hulu. For sixteen months there's a lotta movies on Netflix. And there's a lot. Of shows where you can watch, full seasons and. Full full series all the, way from the beginning to the end whenever you want to it's, not at a certain time it's just whenever you want wanna flip on the The internet and watch it tech analyst rob, Enderle says the only way. For the cable industry to survive is to evolve into other areas they could provide security services for the home they could provide IOT controls. All this internet of things stuff isn't working very well and the. Cable company could provide the kind, of logic and Craig troll structure could allow you to do that better I mean they control the setup boxes for years this moving into a different venue but. In terms of programming that ship. Sailed Colgan KCBS KCBS news time seven fifty two The democratization. Of data not this is sound, bites when the web says to greet you had about the democratization of knowledge but. Not so much anymore with increasing corporate control has come real concern about. Data use by, one of the best known critics have big data today is British parliamentarian. Baroness bebinger kidron who owns the online world is changing the gatekeepers that they were replacing have been. Replaced by four or five major companies that. Will the well that leads. Nowhere on such a no one a completely undemocratic and. Are really in a twenty-first-century goldrush around data Baroness top priority is protecting children's data and she wants to see that..

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