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F. B. K. flight will be mainly clear and chilly tonight will of a low thirty five to thirty nine tomorrow will be sunny much of the time tomorrow will of a high sixty sixty seventy Thursday expect partly sunny skies while the high Thursday sixty six to seventy I'm accu weather's drew Shayla news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. all right we've got to sixty four in full some sixty four in Carmichael and sixty four in Sacramento is we're building a better Sacramento brought you by nor cal ran Jack well the Sacramento Hispanic chamber of commerce is coming up on its fiftieth anniversary this year started Q. okay I'm not being a business that it you know word try to gain access to the same opportunities and resources that all small businesses hi Kathy Rodriguez and Gary chamber president and CEO a lot of changes fifty years but that was the initial mission and actually we don't stray that far from it we're still hearing a predominately in to make sure there are you know businesses are opportunity both in gaining new contract the weather wait maybe with matter teach yeah or any other procurement opportunities it's also to provide they could be a luncheon March six will honor people like Sophia Garcia the young professional of the year she is the director of community and government affairs ever I think she also has a long history with actually with chambers those with ours as starting as a volunteer and watching her professional growth and also the California Senate chambers of commerce which is a common condition board now and several others will be recognized as well a lot most of our business is that everyone there just trying to do right by their family so we are responsible for a lot of family and so I think what we do really working hand in hand with them to learn more about the Hispanic chamber and the event to go to keep the kid out calm the afternoon news with Kitty o'neill and just ahead on our case okay afternoon news we will check the top trending stories and go.

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