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You don't have to give a first round draft choice than that something that easily you should go out there and improve and I do agree the on the Forest Point. Listen, Donald, you could only do so much with a little question with him is going to be the decision making Watching him in the pocket, knowing where you need to go the football. You're hitting guys in the handbag. If they're dropping the football, then you know what if the quarterback's still making the right Reed in the correct decision, and he's showing that kind of progress, then that's good news for Sam Darnold, and that's good news for the Jets now. Conversely, if there's a regression and he's making the similar mistakes, and he's having a similar issues, and he's forcing the football, then yeah, that's going to be a problem. You need to see the decisionmaking growth of Sam Donald here year number three. Even with Maybe the perceived lack of talent or in reality, the lack of talent around him. Yeah. Listen, Ira, Thanks for the call. Appreciate you checking in good to hear from you. I think that also, we have to remember. You know, something that Albert Breer brought up on our show, And I think it deserves a mention. Listen is the Jets offensive line would be better than last year. Well, I hope so. I mean, they were dreadful. They had multiple, I mean, it was a different combination. Every single game they were injured. And Sam just didn't have any time to get anything going. Lady on Bell took on all of the blame for what happened last year, But obviously the offensive line has to take on some of that blame as well and and a good portion of it right. I think Mukai Vechten is going to be very good. Who knows what is working years gonna be like? I mean, this is gonna be this is under difficult circumstances to get thrown into potentially starting left tackle. In a normal year. That is a tough thing to ask a rookie to Dio. This is going to be even tougher because you guys had so few padded practices. I mean, we're looking at and reading some of the stories coming out of training camp, which is like George Jenkins was get back. Get past Mukai Beckton, and it was like a hot knife through butter stuff. I wasn't even like you know, and those Tibetans credit He's not getting frustrated. He's saying I'm learning from it. I'm learning from every snap. But that's going to be difficult for him and then George fans going to be on the other side. I mean, those two tackles for me like that's not That's not when when you when you are Joe Douglas, and you promise saved Arnold's parents. I'm going to take care of your son. Eventually, maybe maybe second year behind that. Maybe he's great in the first year, I don't know, but that's asking a lot from a rookie and then from a guy who was not even a full time starter in Seattle's offensive line a year ago, I hope this offensive line is better. They have to be better than a year ago. I don't know if they're all of a sudden going to turn into the brick wall that save Donald May need. To try to, you know, win games this year, Let's head up to Stanford. It's markets the family's going on mark. Hey, Mom, Um Any good for announcing the name on the base. And then they get a great job. You go, Kumiko trip? Yes, This's Yes. Hi. Hi. How old are you, Niko? Guys. You're five years old. And you said that most was hogging the mic at your baseball game. Exactly, And we have been looking for all the attention to take it away from the young Children. Now go play along is always right, Niko. You'll learn that even five you'll learn that at some point in time They did a good A gap O. That's fantastic, Nico. Thanks for calling And thanks and and so must you want to fill in some of the gas or what I sold last Saturday. We talked about my son's championship game. My son Paul's five year old team. They played Ah, three inning game, Same field on the lights and I announce ball team, So that was coach Ah, Coach Mark Trip team. My son. My son is coached my coach Lou. That was the other team that they were playing. That's his son, Nico on. I announced all the player's names before the game and during the game as well. So it was a fun night. The game was like an hour and 20 minutes long. Kids had a good time Everyone gets up at bat. Every single inning. They all run the bases and score. It's a fun night, So I had a good time announcing that they asked me if I could do it again for that game, And I said, Yeah, sure, why not? I'd love to do it. So Nico is a good player. Nico is a good player on the opposing team to so yes, Stan for little League Can we go second straight week? Alright, both I first it's get a little much scandal was again a little much it is it me. I feel like it's becoming a little bit more about Hey, on Mark Melissa's from W F A. And here to grease everybody with my celebrity that is Hello, five year olds. Do you see this glow? This is my glow up here. This is the seven year olds. Big the five year old studios. Really the five year old No number one is that that's not fair. That's so not fair that you think I'm going to think I'm walking in there with like the sunglasses on being like, Where's my microphone? I need the I need the broadcast boot to be 71 degrees. Where's my fan? I need a hot cup of coffee. If there were evidence of my Ryder, I don't see him is their big league Chew in my rider. No, no, no, no, Tom. Adi and and everyone and and coached enough for you to ask me if I could if I could CO If I could announce the game I call off the plate Kids names before the game over. Over the loudspeaker. I said, Yeah, sure of my pleasure being blessed. Listen, most kids every time I just want to prevent, you know, And we've seen this cautionary tale. You know, people get really addicted to the spotlight. And then pretty soon you're just going to be at an empty field by yourself just announcing, you know, non existing kids names into a microphone. I've seen the downward spiral and I don't want to set you up for some kind of big fall here. Nearby radio sound. You're here, my friend and I just I don't want to see the celebrity. Go to your head and all of a sudden you're just a totally different person. And then you know, fast forward, you know, six months or so, and you're just completely lost touch with who you are and what your core values are, and then you know, it's just rock bottom. You know, this is what I'm worried. Maggie, I I appreciate that. Thank you. For the words of advice. In the words of wisdom. You're right. Maybe I am losing who I am and my sense. Maybe I'm not a star shining really bright right now. It's shining very bright right now. I'm not saying you don't earn it. You didn't deserve it, But I don't want, you know. Well, he goes for ball, starting All Star games. You want to come back and do this on the regular? Go, Tom, go. My kids aren't playing..

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