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While they continue their investigation. I'm surely antler. 6 18. Traffic and weather on the 8s here's Mary de pampa in the traffic center. All right, John and we're going straight into Maryland as stated they were going to hold the traffic at the Chesapeake Bay bridge. It looks as if westbound. You had been held as they were reconfiguring the overnight closure of the west bounce band traffic now moving. You might have the brake check at route 8, but then three lanes going west across the bridge. If you're eastbound right now on 50 going across the bay bridge, follow your signal, make sure you get both lanes going. They do like to hold one only as they discontinue the traffic to make sure there's nothing left in the lane. So no big slowdowns happening in either direction eastbound gets a single right and between why mills say and the beltway moving pretty well in both directions without incident. Inside of the beltway, New York avenue, the issue in northeast is outbound New York avenue between West Virginia Montana circle and bladensburg road, a crash, possibly overturn vehicle. That's the struggle. So you are still being diverted, outbound New York avenue, West Virginia, Montana, pack a little extra time using probably Montana to get you to bladensburg road, either way, the easy workaround, nothing on Rhode Island avenue keep that in mind as well. Two 95 is doing okay. In Virginia, interstate travel light are a big struggle right now, is 66 east toward the beltway, staying to the left to get by in a single lane they are picking up the work as we speak, but we still have a single lane to the left configuration watch for the flashing lights on the right. Some are golf is in full swing in golf to miss fully stock to help all golfers live the game, visit off the men Tyson's corner golf golf dot com. Live the game, married to find the WTF in traffic. And here's storm team four's Lauren ricketts. Temperatures today are going to continue to rise into the low to mid 80s a little cooler than yesterday, but a lot more

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