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The house here on bob of him that was right environment like because there they were bragging about how environmentally friendly their beer production was and then later that same year but wiser parent company was fined half million dollars for violating california's air pollution laws but then cleared exactly two thousand fourteen. There was like a whole thing where he was in a chrysler commercial. So one other thing. I've i didn't realize that our writer j m pointed out a i had talked about his song murder most foul for those about the jeff cast nation that i think is a great song from seventeen minutes long. Yeah but apparently he did a fifteen minute. Long song Not too long ago. About the titanic which which upon closer inspection is actually about the movie. Titanic leo took his sketchbook he was so inclined he closes is and painted the scenery in his mind. All my my man is you know he's gone. He's gone but the but the murder most foul one so dope it's like it uses the sort of foggy -ness of dementia to to Good effect it's like going back and forth and between subjects and years and it's kinda dope put that he he slips into talking about leonardo dicaprio as leonardo di in his song about the historic event. Right i can only imagine. His surprise is if you've listened to the jfk one his like and then gary oldman shot of the president and like are you talking about oliver stone's jfk movie. That's so great man. What a genius genius definitely deserves every penny of that. Three hundred dingus. Let what a great thing All right. I said that we goes down here. I on the case trending up ding ding. Ding ding is going to do it for this monday afternoon. We're back tomorrow with a whole s episode of the show until then be kind to each other. Be kind to yourself. Wear a mask wash your hands. Don't do nothing about white supremacy. Won't hayes eight gang. We got kind of a big deal here. Ebay is rethinking. the word refurbished their rebooting it. Remix in it. And they're introducing something called certified refurbished from ebay. You can get up to fifty percent off like new products. Direct from the manufacturer all the premium brands. You want at a price. you'll love two year. Warranty a money back guarantee hassle free returns visit ebay dot com slash certified refurbished to shop smart and save up to fifty percent on lake new products miles and jack as you know world of warcraft massively multiplayer. Pc and mac game that brings millions of people together and as roth obviously timeless world of myth magic endless adventure. But guess what this year. We're getting to explore the shadow lands. Which is after life and plus in this new expansion yes expansion. You get precisely that for the first time. In the game's history players will get to explore the shadowlands the warcraft universe's afterlife bortles. Souls are faded to go. Not only that there are new allegiances. M plus in this expansion newbies who have never world of warcraft. Before which is definitely not you jack. They will get the new player adventure which is a unique quest line specifically designed to teach all the basics needed to play the game which is definitely not for you jack because you are hardened veteran so it's the perfect time to get started so get in baby so guys be just like me and gear up. Grab your friends. Because i have lots of them and brave the beyond in world of warcraft. Shadowlands available now on. Pc and mac you can learn more at world of warcraft dot com. That's world of warcraft dot com..

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