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Afghanistan. Obviously but we gotta get into this fake team story. My god this is incredible and as a follow up. It gets even worse so a really a fake team at high school football team. That does not really. It's not a real team. Got a national televised game. And they got destroyed she. That's incredible got the background of that coming up next morning. Show this bill. Keep it here. Well it's almost rapid fire news time bottom of the hour care and we all join you in your newscast and we usually ruin it. But that's okay yes like drive over back up. Just keep on running over into the row word so in just hours president by going officially mark. The end of the america's longest war can address the nation. It's almost like you know what i feel like saying. Don't but you don't. They're not touting it as you know this failure in a in a loss there saying we got one hundred twenty thousand people out. Yeah how many americans. Oh this is a victory lap for him. You're trying they're crazy. I don't know whatever we see it ad nauseam but how insulting rude horrifying yes respectful. Let's see what we'll see. What happens when he addresses the nation. What times i've taken place up. I don't know how they haven't said they just today. He'll say eleven. He doesn't show up till two. I don't know depends. We'll see. I'll let you know it'll be live at are streaming live at our website. Fifty w. deal dot com. Thanks karen we'll see. It's seven thirty aggressive rapid fire at version of news news. Talk eight fifty w. f. t. l. selfless morning. Show this jan this diener. I'm bill and this was just speaking of the disrespectful part of it. I mean you talk about first of all you've already lost a child. A kid zonta daughter in afghanistan and he come home received the body of dover. And then you've got this guy checking his watch and talking about his own son when you have a private meeting with him. Not yours his. Yeah you know we had this conversation yesterday headed been one of your children who was killed in afghanistan and they were transferring the bodies at dover air force base and as a family or a family member. You had the opportunity to meet with the president united. i'd states. Would you go meet him. Considering his call is the reason your son or daughter came back in that box. And that's the nets the the difference there. It's not like it's horrible. It's ministrations faults in responsibility valid question. So last night on hannity he had to step separate goldstar fathers. One of them met with the president. The other refused it was interesting and and the one that refused said i. I just couldn't knowing that this man was responsible for my son's death. I just couldn't do it. Here's before even play these two because it's pretty rough to listen to just keep this in mind. How bad would the the meeting have gone for them to speak out like this. Because the last thing i want to do is talk about it again. Go on national. Tv two dads that just lost their kids. How bad would it have been that. They felt they needed the world to understand how badly this has been mangled and handled and even worse. The father that did meet with the president. How horrible was it for him then to watch the president did as the bodies are being taken off the transport plane. Right right exactly okay. So here's the first one mark schmidt's father yes i did. I say leaned into my son's mother's ear. And i said i swear to god if he checks his watch one more time and that was only probably four times in. I couldn't. I couldn't look at them anymore after that just considering especially the time why we were there. It was found to be the most disrespectful thing i've ever seen because we all ask the question right even way. We've posted the video quick little clear. I'm checking his watch. Well maybe just glanced once and it was. Oh no oh no. It wasn't just once. Here's another dad. Darren hoover it happened on every single. They would release the salud and he looked at his watch on every last all thirteen. He will watch. And i think was that guy darren. Who said wasn't either one that met with them now. A schmidt schmitz schmidt sm- schmidt said. The only reason he met with the president was he thought he owed it to his son to at least have some words with the president about how he felt like the father felt about what went on and he said the meeting did not go well at all. He said all the president talked about was beau biden. Said he didn't even offer you know like any consolation like any respect to the fact that you're the reason you just my son's dead. He said it was all about him. He he said he when he left he was so incensed. He didn't just sat there going. I can't believe this just happened. See they don't they don't care they they just don't anybody in this administration they just don't care about political points. I think it could be said now in. I believe one hundred percent. Mr smith story about that about biden is used to bowl biden as a political prop for years. Now yeah you're you're right up prop and you know what i don't know how anyone survives losing a child and and i understand there's a lot of grief but when you're meeting with families shoot just lost their kids because of what you gave as an order come on you gotta shows respect to these families. The other guy What's the other darren. Hoover said. I didn't want to be adding didn't want my family anywhere near the men. Wile said no. It wasn't wasn't going to happen. I was like okay. I you know what i betcha. There are many many military personnel today. Whether they were biden supporters are not no longer supporters. Oh yeah it's changed. Oh there's no doubt how can how can you support this. And now he's left these people behind. Yeah everybody knows okay. Remember the president. United states is the commander in chief. The generals listened to him not the other way around the final call. Suppose that's how it's supposed to work. I don't think that's happened in that way at all. Quick little update on louisiana many. How many states are sending Power kony twenty two states. I don't think florida's doing that quite yet. i think. I think they're all there. I don't know how many can get into the areas they've been sent to. Because you gotta wait till fema gives you the all clear You know it's funny because as you mentioned my my daughter's boyfriend usually goes and i said you know aren't you afraid about downed power lines. He said everyone always asked. That question said traditionally when a system is breached like that automatically shuts down the lines. Oh that's good and that's what's supposed to happen. He said but in catastrophic situations sometimes the signals get mixed and doesn't happen so fema goes in i. Can you imagine that crew. They're going to go on first to make sure everything's safe can't imagine now so they're just waiting for the okay to go in so That's going on there. And then on the lighter side of things with this happen. What a story. This part of the american tradition has looking forward.

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