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Spirit you know that's her spirit right there you know don't even give me started on art i mean the new hampshire either i we are going to tell you about a movie and overspend and what they deem art and then the other fabulous pieces of art overlooked and undervalued now i didn't know you had such strong feelings on the high ard stevia but steve i also what are we talking about i the eu will back and look at some of their earlier stuff i can't do that until you perfect art an you know painting people and that comes later it's not like he just walked up to something as a kid splashed you know pollick splash them pay on a canvas and went on i am an artist now he's an artist he chooses to express himself in that way yes nobody gets the jews work are not like for instance jackson pollock when i worked at a university before i went into energy income i there were these jackson polish these these original jackson pollock that we had hanging in our our gallery for one semester there was a big deal and let me say like the kind of look cool but and i'm sure i'm sure someone could call in and tell me the the painstaking measures that he went through to make if you've never seen a jackson pollock it looks like what happens if you just dip up rushed into essentially every color of paint and then you just let it drip all over the painting and then do another color and then another caller and it's this layered thing nil looks like they're almost like spin are kind of just like very similar the is and if you want wanna jackson pollock fine but you're gonna have to pay millions of dollars for in pardon me for thinking that's a switch overvalued a beauties in the eye of the beholder even when it comes to art ash and the lower is exactly what i was going to tell you guys about this cool movie i saw over the weekend hooker which i never heard of and it has to do with art and it's called mahdi not maude mahdi it's about the artist ahmad lewis who was had suffered from rumors loyd arthritis boom like very very badly and.

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