White House, Lieber Lieber, Kissel discussed on Last Podcast on the Left


To scape tunes used the lost gas on the left that's one of the cannibalism started deep through they say i make forty i hope so busy p company guy who make plain sport here in the white house my way malania would be present how be goodness cubic goodness to everyone is would these it why am i so frayed why am i here because you're doing a wonderful job based b b best made by lieber lieber decide stores everyone have been kissel with henry's browse sqi both of us recording live right here in los angeles my job i know he's making more children that would become killers of many i don't know if alania is going to do that any longer you don't think she's not going to have more kids i think she might be done you mean one and done maybe yeah i think you're good with barrett you think that she can possibly keep her hands off trump like that possibly just want to just pull down those being you trouser of his and just ride that little thumbprint i love i love bread pudding and theoretically that's basically the food form of donald trump so it just depends on whatever mood you're in that deep i it say everybody send malania back wetter she come from oh we can't have that we need her here she saving the country someone please let understand that's what you want to have happened but for the good of the people you think that she's holding things together she's the only good thing happened i don't know if she could be held responsible for a single thing i think he said somewhere just like frightened silence picking out shoes she's out she's taking on cyber bullying so her husband it's the biggest right well speaking of bullies we got a bunch of stuff to get to today number one i do have to say full disclosure it was our buddy seen as bachelor part of this past weekend and my brain speaking.

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