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Robots sex awful. So it's where you go. And you get to be alone. With a robot? Sex doll. Sixty dollars gets you a half an hour. Sixty bucks, a thirty minutes. Robots sex doll, the robots sex brothel. If you want to buy your own twenty five hundred bucks. No word yet. If you there's a rental own I don't even want to know about the whole use category. Not interested. Thank you. In vegas. They're upset about this. Because they think it's going to lead to problems in terms of how women are treated, and I'm not joking. When I say this exists because of how men are treated. Helen Smith, Dr Helen Smith men on strike. That is a book that needs to be read and goes to the side of men who have given up on the idea of being men because what's the point? Everybody hates you. Everybody thinks you're guilty. Everybody wants teach about toxic masculinity and look at what's happening to break Cavanaugh. Look at what's happening to brat Cavanaugh Cavanaugh had to say. Are you might not have heard the interview he did with Martha maccallum Fox News yesterday? Listen to this. We're talking about allegations of sexual assault. I'd never sexually assaulted.

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