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Linda because you know they had no real connection with him when he was at his in his prime you know he was flying all over the world and with different babes and dolls and different people on his arm different times and you know every day it was a real uh yeah israel hound no question about it i heard stories that he got a like vietnam and stuff why now for those shows and he bring alongside the always a sexy girl with them and and it was like he would hinted at more out tell them at that if they didn't fall kim i he would leave them now not are i became friendly with auditors riders he's got the i've harari hills them and yes there's yes that's partly true from what i heard from riders to who wiles a gilbert sought free rumor wild natural that's a first time lotto it was just one girl either it would be more than one girl and um you know it's it's like uh yeah that's side i don't relate to that sidem you know i mean if if he was a younger guy today he would definitely been on the harvey weinstein washout with he would threaten to leave them and like vietnam and stuff while i heard that story so one of his fighters so tomb i would assume it's it's more than likely to it's the first time at 180 plus shows gilbert at one of your store said validity.

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