Komo, Everett, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed on Afternoon News with Tom Glasgow and Elisa Jaffe


One sixty at up to the Bothell Everett highway and northbound I five in Everett is still pretty heavy from sixtieth on up to twelfth street northeast. This look at traffic is brought to you by lows now at Lowe's, get five bags of Scott's mulch for ten dollars. Valid in-store only through four seventeen not valid in Alaska or Hawaii while supplies last. See store for details. US only you're next. Komo traffic at five twenty four seeing that rain right now maple valley. Auburn Federal Way Vashon Bainbridge island, and we've got a chance of showers in the forecast for the evening showers likely tomorrow breezy day on Wednesday, Thursday showers likely with a high near fifty four degrees. Friday, mostly cloudy day behind your fifty nine right now, mostly cloudy and fifty five that seatac airport. Stay connected. Stay informed. Seattle twenty four hour news station. Komo news. Bill O'neil at the editor's desk. Taylor van Cise with the Lisa Jaffe, both candidates are claiming victory in Israel's election. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu add challenger against each declared. They had one although exit. Polls indicated the race was too close to call and about forty five minutes from now we're gonna see for the first time what a black hole actually looks like the National Science Foundation. Live streaming the pictures from a news conference at nine o'clock eastern time. The images coming from the event. Horizon telescope and international effort using eight linked radio obser- observatories around the world. And actually, it's nine AM eastern time. Tomorrow morning by mistake Twitter threat today from President Trump. The US is gearing up to impose tariffs on eleven billion dollars of European Union's products. With the president saying e you subsidies.

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