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About something that mike doesn't know or about something that i know the directs performance but the rest of the organization doesn't mike can't keep track of if mike has fifteen captains who reported him and he's a colonel he can't keep track of the sixty seventy eighty lieutenants who i'll report those captain aka i keeping track of use enough as it is and money okay so that was the reason for the system and some of you have written to me that they've heard me talk about this before on air that you can gluco general patten from will were to his review of omar bradley and i think it's one paragraph said omar bradley's the finest general the army of all the ones all the generals in the army and i should know 'cause i know all of them it's not a bad review by that will how it's not a bad reviewed all two of the greatest generals me up there with rommel for war to in terms of fabulous fabulous successful was as leaders mouth surgeon tacticians and strategist and so on so look fastforward seventy years the military has this system in place to let leadership no it's for junior people to communicate to more senior people so senior people can make smart choices in fact interestingly enough folks succession planning was essentially one of the core incredible strength of g e during the time of jack welsh when jack walters widely regarded as one of the greatest years in history of the modern world because he did.

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