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Spelled K L A U S radio from hell here. We hope you're enjoying your weekend. Join us on Monday. We'll be back up in Park City. Yes. And on the weekend. We'll be having fun while we're working. But we'd like you to join us for Monday's radio from hell show for Moore festival film festival madness. That's Mondays radio from hell show right here on x ninety six vacations. Don't come around too often. But when they do your family deserves the very best Royal Caribbean was voted Todd cruise line for families and more. Maracas? Celebrating was amazing specials down received sixty percent off your second guessed plus receive additional hundred and fifty dollars off for booking. Ask your Morris. Murdock Crowley adviser about free shore excursions additional discounts for third and fourth guests and other exclusive amenities let us plan your Royal Caribbean. Cruise the twenty third annual Moore's travel show January twenty fifth and twenty sixth mountain America expo center. Call Morris Murdock today for sixty percent off your second guessed plus an additional hundred and fifty dollars off per booking for season person the Morris Murdock travel show, January twenty fifth and twenty sixth that mountain America expo center. Enter to win a seven day raw Caribbean cruise at the travel show, visit Morris Murdoch dot com for details and discount coupons. Restrictions apply. At diamonds direct. We have a lot in common with our Salt Lake families beginning with commitment and relationships and who better to express our core values than ginger Adams, one of our team members who grew up here culture is very family oriented, helpful and neighborly and all about family and traditions diamonds direct has a very family oriented approach it digs deep into your roots..

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