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Hey it's funny because it's pretty here with with no downside you know i thought i guess we running the morningstar report thinking there was something wrong and then i remembered your tweet yeah like it's funny but it's it's i don't know i i've seen a lot of research that says the bull market can still go she oughta research such as a kid and ice come back to where i start like i don't really care i feel there everything from using the permanent portfolio and then taking on the fringe ideas and you know i bought a bill my wrist and whether it's another bull market or another fair market i have my processing i'm quite happy with it and by the way primitive portfolio for listeners this is the decadesold investment approached its originally it go a quarter each stocks bonds bills and gold d do any sort of more modern interpretation of that through is is stock looks like a global equities bonds sherry waited or like how how do you think about a modern framework or of of permanent so i absolutely stick to their twenty fires inquiry waiting cash commodities equities and fixed income were bonds more on the longer duration trade so to me that's that is the a portfolio everything else is playing with it or toward basically attempting to get the rich perry from the permanent portfolio the place where we look to add value is through security selection and it's not so much about going fringe it's about solving for the object so the object to for the equity portion is to achieve growth so i do focus us but i look for things that can add value there above and beyond chef though winning the total market maybe it's a a kilted index or a conscious index or something along those lines of one that is the most interesting to me is that.

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