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Released from that cookie cut off. Curriculum, I really gotta do this because there's a whole group of students who need more stimulus. I feel that they've then we gotten when we were growing up. And so this hungry group of students who come with their minds already ready. It seems like sometimes we're losing them really early and I just want to know what you think about that Fred is just is that me or are you saying the same thing? No, I think it just boils down to high-stakes testing the ends up being College admissions and vote counts and things or the higher you go up to the high school just focusing on grade, but I think I do think the issue starts earlier than high school. I did think it fourth fifth grade middle school where we're losing a lot of kids where I really think middle school should be the part of what we have the most fun project. We're doing the coolest thing seventh grade science should be wage than anybody ever did I think and a lot of that probably comes down to our following the curriculum of especially right now in this time. Are we trying to do the same thing? We've always done cuz that's not going to work log. Oh, yes, that's not going to work like stream for 45 minutes with the most compliant student. Even that's not working anymore. Okay, we gotta start thinking about getting students to Choice giving them a voice breaking things down to the small chunks consumable chicken nugget provided little extra dipping sauces around where they going to use those tools and they'll be sparked. They'll be rushed. I think it's listening to Claudio man. I can just tell that he's or gas. We okay with trying to the new like right away. He's curious is the Curious guy who wants to learn something new to do something cool. I think everybody has that in providing that opportunity to open that up some that we lose sight of pretty quickly education. I have one class that provided that and that that redirected my entire life to what I'm doing now, like after I did that and I experienced that immediately was like I want to do that for other life. That's why we got into education that one class. So I'm hoping some of the things that we're doing open it up the windows for Market excellent could talk to you guys all night, simply because you walk your talk and walk Anybody wants to just show improve what you do? They can just look on your social media channels Claudio. We're on it down. Where can I guess find you at 2 you can find me on Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Google Claudio's of all of Junior you find me at those four. And then my website is I am Claudius. Like a caesar interesting story to put your nicknames growing up. So I picked that one just cuz it sounded very Regal and very loyal in on YouTube. It's YouTube forward slash or YouTube, I am Claudia down there so you can find me at all those places afraid. What about you working? I guess when you at probably the easiest thing to me through Twitter after Bonita, that's probably the the most convenient way. I am off on LinkedIn. My Instagram is strictly pictures of food and my son. So if you're interested in that go ahead and follow me there at Fred Bonita. Yeah. I used to have a website for my graphic design work, but I'll take another job. Because I'm not really doing work for other people anymore. I'm just doing stuff that I want to make and trying to get away from that but I've taken that one down we won't do that anymore man. Yeah, can I cannot mention this ad food or do I have to come back out know you can mention that that's cool bloody oath Fred is a foodie and when we were in yeah, so afraid that you know that he's a food. So Fred was like, hey man, I got this idea for some stuff that I just do on this on the side of it off for years and I think you did it for your nephew first friend. That's so Fred had these these food characters and just food and they had a sad face but it was so cool. I was like you ought to make stickers of that. It was called sad cat food. He was like a banana with a sad Fraser but it was all done at Illustrated was so cool. You really have to see it to believe it. I'm still waiting on that sticker pack when I open up my iPhone friends the guy for for the food the recommendation I go to Austin, so I never it never disappoints you want to eat? Well, I never forget the hamburger from a casino El Camino. He has he got some family. I gotta give it to him. Hey, thank God. Ice or a smooth interview and just a good time with you guys and hope to see you around and just thank you again for coming on the show. Thank you so much. With so much content wheezing around out there. 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