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Giving us this. Your first interview on a really important day. We try to really sink our teeth into all these foreign policy challenges. I'm Busta James Melville. Thanks for joining us. Hello, everyone I'm unleash malaria and the host of the film struck podcast. A show for love is of great cinema on the latest episode. Oscar nominated screenwriter and director Timur Jenkins tells me about her film private life, which is partly based on her own struggles with facility and how it took her some time to see the entertainment value in the story. I had a friend who when I would tell her my stories about what was happening from, you know, like girlfriend confident. She said, you should write this stuff down and she said, because it would be good material for movie. And I said, I never talked to. That's never gonna happen. Of course, I did hear him make sure to subscribe and listen on apple podcasts, Spotify, stick jar or wherever else you get your podcasts. Hey, it's Howard Beck, and I've got your who's Chris Mannix on Bleacher reports, the full forty eight l. as what they differently. Do they believe that playmakers around the Braun is going to work because the weight of on. You're going to have known abroad James, a lot of time, longtime in LeBron's. I'm not exactly sure other coun- forty eight is now available on Spotify and of course you can always listen, subscribe on.

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