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Second half they lost a second or the final ten seconds to a knee injury but he say hey no hard feelings we did everything we could they did nothing wrong at the end of the day the all went on and asked what's for dinner mom that is one of the classiest coaches i've ever heard from may be imai in my entire life on this planet by they'd had a confused when he clocked after halftime be in doubt 59 nothing and yet on the other coach i'm not i'm not taken a shot but as chris beal new once taught me mercy is worse than than actually you know just having the score up on you and more embarrassing so you got to change my philosophy on that one right uh i don't know if it's a league game or scheduled out of conference or out of it you know are out of the league i remember when alito high uh beat a team like ninety three ten ruihan and coach buchanan for lido in an elite let me to a legal high texas they wanted to stay title who knows how many times recently mom but this the scottish cool came into their conference want it in and he took a starters out after the second dr did door passed after the second drive had his jd players in after the after hat after halftime and when he said what am i supposed to be tell mattered not to try and score in at first varsity game and these guys want to our conference this which got so i i i i get where the other coach yoad didn't is alvi degrees but ought to throttled we would agree with is always on what you can do yes so at the other coach who had a doughnut doesn't have a problem with it then i don't even gaiso almuth otis quals not those that you and also at our at our producers doctors you nothing 102 the nothing the game with fifty nine and nothing at halftime so at least in the second half they held him down to forty three point if you wanna call that a victory that not even a moral victory what is the worst loss that you've ever been a part of stasi game my producer before i get the in a get to me i'm going to start with you what is the worst loss that you've ever been a part of as a ban as an athlete whatever.

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