Watergate, President Trump Joe Digenova, Hillary discussed on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams


For an interview according to one person trump lawyer john dowd called this report old news but our nbc news colleague kristen welker reports a source tells her that there's ongoing communication between the president's legal team and the special counsel which includes turning over some documents and our senior white house correspondent halley jackson tells us tonight the two legal teams met recently and that such meetings happen quote regularly in other words they've been talking and they continue to talk as we mentioned donald trump has hired another lawyer for the team handling the russia investigation he is former us attorney joseph degen uva degen of is a frequent contributor to the president's network of choice where he made public his allegation of an fbi justice department plot against the president make no mistake about it a group of f b i in doj people were tr trying to frame donald trump of a falsely created crown they were going to exonerate hillary and they were going to frame donald trump with they have done to the department and the fbi is undermined the confidence of the american pick people in federal law enforcement it is disgraceful and it all stems from their animus toward president trump joe digenova has been around a long time he's well known in washington this quote from a wall street journal op ed written by him in nineteen ninetyseven during the investigation of bill clinton is getting a wide circulation tonight for reasons you're about to see quote nobody should underestimate the upheaval that a prosecution of the president would cause but we went through at once before in watergate and survived the nation in fact could conceivably benefit from the indictment of a president it would teach the valuable civics lesson that no one is above the law.

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