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Macos that i don't want to imagine ooh you just did and i saw it you met with you you're you're still imagine it well it's out so stormy in the stormy daniels you read the immune no komo meghan you did but the which interviewed in touch magazine stormedia ills internet every word of it's true i promise you everywhere district could stuffed is not actually was chasing around inciting ladies note the best now the parts that people are just this is great stephanus she walks into leave walks into his how she walks into his hotel room and he's watching shark week on a onlu about that so heavily that any says and he says to her he's she said it was weird he says he's terrified of sharks and and and anybody who wants to watch them right this is a guy who marches were opportunity is now for it anything in otell remi wants to go find the thing is most afraid of and watch it on a luke and he sit so he's sitting there and he says you know i give a lot of money think about this i give money launch charities but i never give money to a shark charity so so let me this that let me this can i can this curtis proposed amir i'm i'm trying to imagine what shark charity yes we're like trolling my inboxes right but let me this i can only imagine a lot of responses to shark attacks right here i i i'm not going to give wanted imagine there's a lot i imagine a treat.

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