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Seven hundred wwl w starting at three thirty five in real quick. I watched some of Murray states seventy seven to sixty five victory over Belmont. In the championship game of the Ohio valley conference tournament tonight, the racers or twenty seven and four they earned the automatic berth in the NC double A tournament. But Belmont at twenty six and five out of Nashville, Tennessee Belmont deserves a bid to in the NC double A tournament selection committee needs to reward more mid majors for their excellence instead of rewarding power fives for their abject mediocrity. What do you think of that? Let's go out to the phone. Phones. And we welcome in Tom any Hillsborough home of touchdown. Troy richards. My main man what's going on, Tom. Good to hear from you chick. I really enjoy your show. I just wanted to personally. Thank you real quick here because it's off topic for centimeter recipe for the big pizza. Oh my goodness. Wow. It has changed my life. And so it is an amazing thing of phenomenally. You don't think it's gonna work everywhere. I go take it, of course, give credit for but everybody wants to recipe. Everybody takes it home. It's flooding the area. So I'll give you credit for it. And I don't take it by perspire recipe pass it on and your name red. Everybody loves it. I just want to personally. Thank you, very appreciate that. I only unleash it. A couple times a year. The NC double h tournament and. What I tell people just like a big, let's say no way. It does. It's pizza. It's a big piece. It's it's a wonderful thing. It's a phenomenon. Thank you. Now. I'll let you go here. Thank you so much and thank you. All right. Appreciate that. Yet Tana calories. But it is awesome. And if you would like that recipe, all you gotta do is Email me chick Ludwig one word at Yahoo dot com, and I'll ship it out to you. Awesome. It's a phenomenon that's sweeping the country of Sita shining sea from the Empire State to the Golden Gate now, let's get to some local college basketball. Here we talked about UC the twentieth ranked Bearcats tomorrow against Houston on senior day. Justin, Jennifer and Kane broom tomorrow at fifth third arena, noon tip off right here on seven hundred wwl w Xavier today, man. Sixth win in seven games. They've come on strong with an eighty one to sixty eight victory over the red storm of Saint John's at cintas center man phenomenal senior day performance by your three Xavier seniors. Now as far as northern Kentucky university is concerned. Monday's a big night because the Norse the number two seed in the horizon league tournament during the semi finals they face Oakland university nine thirty Monday night in Detroit at Little Caesars arena earlier at seven o'clock in the same arena the Wright state raiders face Green Bay that's a seven o'clock tip off in the semi finals, the number one seed Wright state raiders, it looks like could it be might it be. Hopefully, it will be right state against northern Kentucky the top two seeds going for the horizon league championship and the automatic berth to the NCAA tournament now at the Miami redhawks. They lost on Friday night at Ohio you sixty six to fifty seven and now Miami will travel to Akron to face the zips on Monday in the MAC tournament. Good luck to the Miami red hawks who play their games in. The world's largest living room Millette hall because this is funny because I bumped into some teachers who are from Miami. And they say vape spread the word. They've heard that it's the world's largest living room a phrase coined by the chicks ter- because you could take a pillow and a blanket into the upper deck at Millette hall and take a little nap. It's just so comfortable there. Okay. So good luck to the Miami. Read. How about the Dayton flyers going into Pittsburgh today knocking off Duquesne seventy eight to sixty seven the twenty-first victory for the flyers this year under the tutelage of Anthony grant flyer? Grad the flyer faithful are Rockin with with the flyers this season. Good luck to Dayton in the tournament. It's just a shame. That Dayton is not playing in the big east because I miss the Blackburn McCaffrey trophy the fight between Xavier. And you d it was a great great rivalry to his gone away. It's a shame. It can't come back because that rivalry was very very special. The sixth ranked university of Kentucky Wildcats, they defeat Florida today at rob arena, sixty six to fifty seven UK I like them is a number one overall not overall seat, but a number one seed in the NC double A tournament because it's going to be Duke Virginia, Gonzaga, and then it's up for grabs that fourth number one seed could it be Tennessee. Could it be UK? We're gonna find out because it will go to the SEC tournament champion. I got that feeling and then Louisville good showing today. They just couldn't quite pull it out. But they lose at number two Virginia seventy three to sixty eight. So let's go over some scores here in the top twenty five number seventeen Nevada holds at forty nine to forty four lead over. San Diego State with fifteen minutes left. Just gave you the Virginia score Virginia seventy three to sixty eight over lawville Duke goes into North Carolina. It's all tar heels seventy nine to seventy but the big news is from coach K Zion. Williamson is going to make a comeback this year and play in the ACC tournament. That's what it's all about. Isn't it? Not the money of the pros right now, but playing and winning an AA championship. But it's North Carolina number three in the country over the fourth-ranked. Blue the Duke blue devils, seventy nine to seventy and number five Tennessee goes into Auburn. And it's the Auburn Tigers upsetting volunteers eighty four to eighty gave you UK score sixty six to fifty seven over Florida number nine Michigan state holds off number seven Michigan seventy five to sixty three in east Lansing, number eight, Texas Tech all over Iowa State, eighty to seventy three LSU eighty to fifty nine winners the tenth ranked Tigers, they defeat the Vanderbilt Commodores eighty two fifty nine number eleven Purdue seventy northwestern fifty seven so the Purdue Boilermakers and one of the top teams in the country and definitely a. NC double A.

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