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Freedom ring, let food on three. We are the ones we've been waiting for. Fend for victims to be the change that we need to seek from the American colonies of the eighteenth century to the resistance in the twenty first this season on the thread, we unravel the history, the pride and the power of non violent protests subscribe now to the threat on apple podcasts or wherever you listen and we're back. And so as I Asia Roscoe and we are here to talk about the things that we just can't stop thinking about this week politics or otherwise. Dominica what can't you let go up. Well, you know this in these election years sometimes when we're off, we need to be off or at least do something that makes you feel like, you know, like life-affirming. And for me, sometimes that's going to the movies and I was excited that there was so much buzz around a star is born the new movie with Bradley Cooper and lady Gaga and I was pretty psyched to go to it and I thought it was pretty good, but I've also started look into the movie a little bit and realized it's a remake in not only it's like the four, three, four, three, MAC, the fourth remake of the same storyline. I was in nineteen thirty seven. Then one in nineteen fifty four. Then it took a country music turn with Barbra Streisand in nineteen seventy six. And now we have this. I mean, I'm quite impressed Bradley. Cooper is like disappears into the role and is a great singer. I was really surprised and lady Gaga to me was great. She was like, Marisa Tomei, who could sing..

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