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Don't cooperate with federal immigration officials will be seeing the arrival of border patrol agents acting immigration and customs enforcement director Matthew albums says the trump administration is deploying the federal officers to the so called sanctuary cities because they are releasing immigrants who were in the country illegally from jails before they can be taken into custody by his agents rich Denison fox news the groundhog promise that we were going to get an early spring and apparently he was right at least in taxes blue bonnets are popping up long road sides in the Texas hill country Andrea it along with the lady bird Johnson wildflower center says yes this is early yeah we've had the second warmest winter on record and that's pushing everything a little bit early this year she's is a link to the season still is determined by the weather if we get a warm and dry spring it could cut Bluebonnet seizing short league city and peril land are ranked fourteenth and fifteenth respectively among the list of the top three hundred American cities for new home buyers those are people that own their home for ten years or less number one in the nation is Frisco Texas McKinney is third and college stations six this is turning out to be a double whammy year for traditional cases of the flu the CDC reporting an uptick in the number of influenza eighty cases on common this late in the season so far in the U. S. twenty six million cases of the flu two hundred and fifty thousand hospitalizations fourteen thousand deaths children are especially vulnerable Katie our age news time eleven oh three and then of course there is the corona virus and we have more cases they're going to be arriving in taxes soon the U. S. government's working to get US citizens off the diamond princess which is been quarantine for days after several passengers came down with the corona virus there are three hundred eighty Americans on board that ship and the state department's ready to put them all on buses from the ship to an airport in Japan Phil then be flown to Travis Air Force base in California some passengers will continue on to Lackland Air Force base in Texas but the quarantine doesn't end there the US embassy in Japan says they'll need to undergo another fourteen days of quarantine once they get back to the U. S. chill NATO fox news then Frances reporting their first corona virus fatality in Europe well for tomorrow's NBA all star game tonight the highly talented show offs NBA all star Saturday we'll get started with the annual skills challenge for a pack of eight including Toronto raptors for paschal C. occam will be showcasing their stuff on an obstacle course on the hardwood that's followed by the three point contest where newly minted all star Devin Booker will take the place of Damian lowered and the night wraps up at the United center with the all too famous slam dunk contest with the return of a former champ in LA Lakers big man Dwight Howard the festivities got underway at eight PM eastern time man Apollo Tano fox news the Gambia's.

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