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Maybe then i started producing kind of just jumped right into producing and started producing records and then playing on records and taking my songs around the publishers and try to form a band. That is very difficult to form a band in a music community because all the great players are out traveling with other artists. Isn't that true. Yeah so that was. That was something. I wish i knew you know before i did that. And then out to. Nash moved out to los angeles. The two thousand and three. I realized that i basically in my first four and a half years in nashville. I had kind of pigeonholed myself as a nationals. Very much that kind of talent. As you know that that you pigeon toed very quickly and And i got pigeonholed. Just a studio guy and so i thought well i'm going to go out to los angeles. I'm going to re- rebuild my career. And i moved out to. La landed a gig on a tv show right off the bat playing guitar on a tv show and that led to some films working with composer. So right off the bat. I just landed in the tv world and the film world. Which tv show was that. The first show i ever did was the young and the restless and in the first movie i ever did was ella enchanted. Wow and and so. Then then. I i met some music. Supervisors of course through that whole thing started getting my songs placed. I'm really convincing the whole thing to la to to try. And find a tory gig. And i needed money. So i picked up the session. Gigs and basically you know through the through the two thousand. I spent a number of years just trying so hard to really get out of the studio world. And get into the touring world. And then i f- to see you around two thousand seven. I was like well. If i can't land a touring gig all of these create a band. Maybe that'll do. It created a band and we did three records and then had a ton of placements but that was two thousand. Seventy thousand eight two thousand nine so the worst time to go after a record deal when the economy's tanking and record labels are laying people off and that was the beginning of the of the of the music industry really was in fact two thousand eight. Two thousand nine was an interesting time to watch just being a part of the licensing world to see how all the labels really in two thousand and two thousand nine. That's when they transitioned from. Oh my gosh. we're losing money like crazy. Let's try and make some money back through licensing and you saw that big transition happened during two thousand and two thousand nine where where we're licensing was very much like a tertiary kind of thing that we'll do some licensing but we're really focused on album sales and publishing in the net during during those two years. You know maybe maybe two thousand eight to two thousand and ten ish. There's a real transition that happened and and it became a main focus for a lot of library Record labels and it was interesting to be a part of that you transition especially a lot of my friends were music supervisors and stuff like that. And where one point. It's very easy to go and hang out with them. Go grab lunch. You know a year and a half later all of their lunch..

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