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And we use the stations to those send commands up to all the spacecraft's I've been to receive data from all the spacecraft's. And so my day today duties on emroe, which is a space gap. That's currently in operation. I work on building sequences for it. So I'm part of a team that sort of rights the big plan out for what that spacecraft is going to do we build it for two weeks at a time. And my teams Casuals all the communication, so when it's going to talk to earth like to those stations that I mentioned, and when it's going to talk to you other spacecrafts in particular, the Rovers Landers end when it's also going to use in engineering activities that we've scheduled to keep it in operation and keep it healthy wouldn't one of the important things that Rodas besides science is a relay so when like curiosity and the new Lander insight when they. Take data. They send that data up to Moreau in the Moreau sends it back to earth. And so we coordinate overflights where we fly over these Landers where they can send us data than their few other orbiters also work on this. That's primary thing that that might team works on Moreau M scheduling to do those communications and then for twenty kind of different role Jing more sort of like software development stuff. So when things that I'm working on is how we're going to able to determine that river is healthy on a daily basis. The Rover planning goes much every day you put in one day at a time in the rivers life. And so the beginning of the day when you get into work, you want to be able to quickly see as an operator that everything from the previous day executed as expected, and that, you know, there's nothing dangerous that happens the river and make sure that everything's ok on board. And so the topper that I'm working on might twenty teen will help the operations people quickly within the first twenty minutes. Or so decide that everything happens according to plan or not if things didn't go according to plan. It's okay. And then able to move on the next planning fees, and so for people who were wondering why we're sending another Rover tomorrow, we've had a few there a couple still there the opportunities. Still quiet, hyper knitting, and hopefully will communicate again some day. But what is kind of the the main objective or the main objectives of the mission wide? We keep going back. And so twenty twenty has a different set of responsibilities than our current virtuosity or may be opportunity. So one of the things that twenty twenty is going to do differently than the previous missions will actually cash samples. So when it drills into rocks or the ground it'll store that sample that it gets in a little tube end. It'll cash that to in like a pile of of samples that will leader be returned to earth into sort of like the first. I mission is sequence of missions. That JPL is going to send where we determine that we can sort of build a cache of material that we can keep like clean and keep pristine samples collect them sort of scientifically interesting sites, and none of actually return those to earth with future missions. There are also few different instruments on twenty twenty that weren't on curiosity. Lot of instruments or sort of next generation upgrades from the ones that were that we signed on Cassidy. But one new one is a tech demo for creating oxygen out of the Martian atmosphere that which is an important thing that we need to demonstrate as possible before we send of more complex missions on that needs to sort of launch off of Mars or to send humans to Mars end. So twenty first spacecraft students spacecraft that we want to send to demonstrate that we could sort of sense tomorrow gets us back so prepare for a future human mission. I don't know if it's the most important part of the mission. But it has a helicopter, and I want you to tell me about the helicopter scout which sounds like something that would be difficult to do on Mars where there's not a whole lot atmosphere. So how'd you make something? Fly on Mars yet. Amar's helicopter is very cool project. Adam is rapidly edition to program, and it has it's very cute..

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