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At the palazzo resorting las vegas also the home of claim chef thomas keller's bouchon bakery and welcome back it is so cal restaurant show a very special edition thereof we're live from legacy stadium at the palazzo ian las vegas were here for vegas uncorked weekend and we've been having a blast this broadcast facility is just so easy to work out and we also have a little bit of an audience this time around because they're glass windows from the broadcast studio that lead into the anti area or the atrium area in front of the restaurant and the audio is piped out there so unsuspectingly ghazi stadiums guests come in see us in this radio booth see the celebrity chefs that we've been interviewing this morning and wonder what the hey is going on so it definitely is a lot of fun sadly this is our last segment but the better news is we're back at ten am next saturday in los angeles i'm andy harris the executive producer and co host of the show and thanks for joining us for this very special las vegas experience with any luck we'll be able to do this again next year do keep us on social media were on all the platforms and were enthusiastically presented to you by melissa's world variety produce and west coast prime meets i've always had great respect for thomas keller i had a chance to actually meet him and know him in los angeles way before the french laundry he has really the flagship restaurant i think in the nation with bush which is just a gorgeous property that has this incredible outside patio that you really couldn't duplicate because it also is part of a pool here at the venetian you don't know that you're in las vegas is just this garden setting with statuary and marble and a very relaxed atmosphere and as i was saying earlier to me it is the ultimate high end breakfast experience here in las vegas up to have a little bit of a different side side of bussan and the bouchon bakery were very fortunate to have aaron nail who is the general manager of both bush and the bush on bakeries that are here at the nation and it's a pleasure welcome to you to the show team executes smoothies yogurt parfait as a missing a lot of things but boy that is something really special so we offer a wider as you said of of breakfast.

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