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My cool thrown is hanley ramirez ooh he ready to do it he didn't get signed but he on friday night a abc investigative journalist said he was under investigation firs involvement in federal drug ring boston sports many went crazy everyone kind of just assumed the truth sound like said that was part of the reason why he got because he's a free agent everything but it came out that it wasn't true at all he's not involved but one of his friends that he grew up with so the us ramirez name to get the cops off his back yeah that's a real good way to lay low okay well who's involved hanley ramirez read the story he literally the cops arrested him he's like yeah hanley's this is hanley stuff and facetime in front of the cops all time pac move yeah but are you sure that hanley had nothing to do with it are you ready to do that i don't know why but i believe it sounds like hanley's only crime was being a good friend day but it was that on friday was freaking out like he was like alex aaron hernandez situation where he was like this big drug pin like drug dealer probably involve some shady shit but it's like he might have been somewhat involved with some like somewhat shady shit but he wasn't like a drug kingpin like sam heard his friends he might he might associate himself with some bad people but i don't think he was like hand involved he loves too much he's too good friend he's taking this is why you don't pick up facetime calls ever you never know yeah pity ugo see cool okay my hot seat is gonna be racist dogs again oh okay so you'll remember last week we put what was a racist oh it was a racist watch to watch we'll we'll with we put him on the hot seat for being actually racist himself or herself those two guys two guys yeah one twitter account yeah they split the head it took two guys to to run the wolf wolf twitter account okay this one is going to be the we rate dogs twitter account okay count some trouble this was like maybe six eight months ago it kind of caught some heat on the internet streets because after trump's kaffee tweet they made a hat that said kofi af and then half their followers got mad they're like hey are you supporting trump and so then they're like are bad tell you what will donate half the proceeds of the kaffee first of all you can tell that the kaffee af joke these we're dealing with some big league jokers they got some serious comedy chops the koffi koffi word that that word the joke that actually was one of those jokes like i slept in that day and missed it yeah like miss the whole fucking thing that's how fast do you remember at the all star game last year there was a dude wearing a kaffee shirt oh man i guess we can't really we did we did sell ken boone shirts yes that was the bone harambee put up bone shirts like anyway minutes anyways we we are in this case we're against somebody on the internet making a quick buck out of mean that dies within a day yes so they made the kaffee af hat they got half their followers mad at them then they said tell you what will make it up to you because we're gonna donate half of our proceeds to planned parenthood which then alienated the other half of their followers so the dude is a twenty year old guy that dropped out of college monetize twitter account so he was in hot water then and then he just got in trouble yeah yesterday because somebody tweeted a picture of their dog too so his his job is he takes pictures that are tweet adam and then he says this is a good dog oh thirteen out of ten would pet and then people re tweet it like twenty thousand times well the.

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