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This call again we go riding March thirteenth you're just sort of dealing with the absolutely stunning tonnage of news one of the things that sort of stop internet was players championship for us to keep playing on terror and we need to get tested cancel the rest of the players championship next three are are all camp all events through the Valero which is a reason for why the masters and when I wake one says you got a test every player and every sure some people who are where some students in Palm Beach resort about the masters Friday everybody I was surprised he didn't just feel all the way across video ESPN news we are presented by progressive insurance all phone guests join us on the shell Pennzoil performance line Michael like Michael a junior Trey Wingo here with you as you know March twelfth twenty twenty will go down as one of the most historic days in sports there's no there's no way there's no way around it I mean literally everything came to a crashing halt on Thursday March twelfth it all started when the NBA suspended its season because Rudy Gobert the jazz tested positive and then one of his teammates Donovan Mitchell also tested positive they suspended the season and then on Thursday all the tournaments except for the big east were canceled when the biggest cancel after playing one have one game between St John's and Creighton and then in rapid succession the MLS the NHL Major League Baseball postponed its as sissy season for two weeks all these things happen at once across the board a U. S. wind men's and women's soccer teams postponing all friendlies everything happened and then later on the afternoon the NC double a tournament decided to cancel the NC double a tournament the Players Championship was going on the first run a part of your beach and then the rest of the rounds will be played without fans and then they had an about face and they decided to cancel the next three weeks through the ruler of the three tournaments through the Valero open as well I I don't I can't remember a day where we've ever seen everything come to a screeching halt like that before it was bizarre manager like sitting there just taking it all in like we we're like everybody else we're like every fan we're like everyone involved in all this like we didn't really know what to do other than sit there and listen to what your friends are on the network here like we're fortunate that a lot of times we can get information from these people but we had a lot of the people work around here just sort of on standby wherever they were and all this dispensing information as it came out and it came fast and furious what happened with Oklahoma City they're all conference tournament games that were supposed to tip off yesterday I mean health Florida state was ready to go out there and play a game and instead they ended up going out on the court and coach letter the recommended Hamilton the rest of the team were on the court with the ACC championship trophy in in one of the rare like that kind of cool moments of the day we talk so much about kids getting deprived they at least got to him somewhat celebrate their conference championship because they're the regularity right exactly obviously like everything else in Jordan Cornette brought this up it's gonna be an asterisk around old what happened we kind of know this has been bizarre circumstances but that was how quickly it changed it changed dramatically one of the places where change the most dramatically was the Players Championship upon Peter beach and this was Rory McElroy basically saying with all the travel we do we need to know exactly what we're traveling with for us to keep playing on terror we we you know all of our players and people are involved need to get tested to make sure that that no one's gonna you know because obviously everyone knows you can you can have it and not have symptoms and you know pass it on to someone that's more susceptible to getting very ill from and that's of course what started this whole thing would regal bear who didn't even know we had it was sort of messing around and he was a symptomatic and that preceded everything being shut down so for more on the golf portion of this and what happens with the PGA tour we're delighted to be joined now by Jay Monahan the PGA tour commissioner Jay thanks for being with us this morning first let me just say as an ESPN entity we are delighted to be entering into a partnership with you over the next many many years on the digital side we're excited about that and we look forward to that relationship but take us through the changing policy and the process that went from we're going to play the Players Championship the next rounds will be played without fans too we're not going to do this anymore yeah yeah first of all I share in your excitement and I love your show I love what you guys do it's an honor to be here and I look forward to talking with you a lot more in the years to come but yeah I mean you I was just listening to you guys talking I mean you outlined a number of things that happened yesterday the world changed and so for us we're here a lot of other leagues are making decisions or organizations are making decisions on events to come we're here this is the Players Championship it's our championship it's our Super Bowl and we've got events coming up every single week so for us we have spent a lot of time trying to understand everything we could about the corona virus particularly locally and regionally and we felt comfortable to to continue with the event earlier in the week and then we come to felt council the decision we made to take fans off the golf course to create a safe environment as possible to be able to complete the event and hopefully to play in the weeks to come but as we started to get through the day as we started to get into the evening we have taken the steps to get to be able to operate tomorrow generally felt like a couple of players are comfortable with it actually really wanted to get out here playing inspired the country here but at the same time you you look at you know you look at the what happened here I'd said earlier in the day you know business is as usual my kids are in school the businesses are open you know that St John's town center is open but when you when you start to close down theme parks particularly to theme parks that are between Jacksonville Tampa where we are the next two weeks to me with all the other things that impacted our decision that last late last night you know when you look at yourself and say you know as someone that's responsible for protecting this franchise you know we actually got to the point where you know we just can't proceed so in and listen I think everybody is with you when you say you try to say let's play let's play without spectators to try and just keep this thing going and you mentioned a few things but was there one thing in specific that after you heard it you said okay that's it decisions made what work were shutting this down you know like it's there wasn't one thing I would tell you that there was one final nail in the you know in the coffin and that was looking at you know hearing that the theme parks were closed on top of seeing all the other leagues they were canceling but you know we were we're talking to our sponsors in a recent right here in in in Jacksonville we're talking to our players were talking to community officials here and over the next four weeks and we ultimately decide you know what you know we were we sitting here at nine o'clock at night with with with play about to start early in the morning we just need to step away as hard as it was we're gonna step away and we're doing it because when you're really thinking about the health safety and well being of our players are athletes and everybody here well we have taken the right steps you're at the point where this world has changed so much and there's so much uncertainty and we just need to step back and do a lot of others have done which is to come understand how this develops and then get back to you could get back to focusing on how we get our players back out on tour playing events a PGA tour commissioner Jay Monahan with this J. we know that right now it's through the Valero open but you mention someone sort so much uncertainty and things could change I mean how how how full it is that it is that deadline I guess is what I'm asking you know its it's fluid it cited there isn't a deadline and you know we feel we have tried we really focused on the decision that we've made about this the our events in the Valero Texas open we now need to make sure that we're working with those partners in the community said while we're not planned we are part of the fabric of those communities we have a big impact on this community charity wise we need to make sure that we're developing plans over the year to help those communities and then our team is already working right now looking at the RBC heritage and all the events that are on our counter moving forward doing the same thing we've done here and in the markets where we just cancel where's we you need to localize this you need to understand what's happening in that community and and generally the the greater understanding the more for you are the more comfortable you are in the decision ultimately to get back and play and hopefully it's at the RBC heritage but I would tell you that I see this as you know we're going to be continuing to communicate to our players and everyone about our thinking as we go forward just because it's uncertain at this point and you mentioned the future there you mention RBC in the calendar coming up one of the dates that everyone knows is a huge part of the golf calendar is the masters that comes up in all this and obviously the decision making around that operates a little differently but what communication if any have you had with the folks at Augusta about maybe what plan is going forward yeah we have a lot of communication with our partners at Augusta national and with all the other golf organizations that I would tell you they have all been very helpful in sharing with us their thoughts and and their opinions on how we were looking at the current situation we were in with players and the events of the Valero Texas open we all understand how we're all thinking about it I know as you can imagine they've been extremely thorough and thoughtful and when they're prepared to to share how they're thinking about the Masters Tournament that's exactly what they're gonna do what they're gonna do it with our full support J..

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