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Cancer now is not the best time they glands that your money in future leo nothing is quite as it seems this week so proceed with extra caution in virgo this is a great point in time to put aside some special time for that special someone that you're are still are coming up soon epa newsradio nine fifty will take a look the closing numbers on the market with a bloomberg business report four forty five time for sports guardian burglar and fire alarm sports desk in the obviously a things it suits a very troubling situation around the michigan state campus here ryan certainly very troubling issue greg in today everything kinda came to light we thought it might after yesterday's talks with the border region since but today mr koch market antonione athletic director mark householding oppressor inese lansing a talk about the sexual assault charges brought against dmitry grants donny chorley and josh king antonio saying all three players of officially been dismissed from the football programme is there's no reason for what went on he went on to say feels for the victim and her family in that this is much bigger than football three of nine yeah that's difficult who pushed through this thing this occurred is very very difficult as i said earlier of others um i don't even want to talk about football for the last six months because of this situation and we refrain from doing that because the of the seriousness of this not antonio was asked today if he's actually given any thought to possibly stepping down as the head coach of the spartans no i don't think you walk away from problems addicted again as i've said earlier in my time here you're hired here to handle the problems as while you're higher here that's why you're you're asked to do what you do under metric vance currently arraigned in facing up the fifteen years for thirddegree criminal sexual conduct downey chorley is as well josh king though facing a to life in prison for first and third degree sexual contact and distributing a phone bhutto lions wrapped up another set of otas today in alan parker's jim caldwell announcing love tackle taylor decker underwent shoulder surgery yesterday after suffering an injury it practice last week.

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