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Chased down out of bounds so here comes cleveland say trailing twenty one two six she was led this thing from the get go thomas who ball to kannik jazz it head fake nothing out front with it apple wave eight on the shot clock appleby take chilling down what kind of a mismatch and gavin retook them he gets called for his first found no appleby a freshman pretty tailed looking player i think he's going to be a key to the future of this cleveland save program whereas showing a sit down with his first firearm issue has four so far no shot on this found so thirteen eleven to go in the first average can say 21 cleveland sate sex run the baseline tom is a flippant in for the vikings any does in the way it goes over there do highsmith now appleby apple way in a mismatch mechanic winds goes down the baseline anyway voters away no rebound garns after tom across the time mind underneath lankford drag race highways rep double passes way up now lankford god four at least ain't got 23 cleveland state six and were that you to have a foul call against dumped on there is a kind of went right at the four after a little bit but they just said he did that position then have great disaster position and will be a foul on top whereas his first fifty goods michigan state only one team val against cleveland sate so far so from in front of the as you bench high smith whoop it in any does the timeless dahmer survey man defense emissions day as trouble because you go add war danny travels are great job i nick stepping out on that strain and forces that journal drop forty one of the first ever play michigan state 23 cleveland state six amazon got the ball going right to left michigan state nine of 11 from the field after making its first seven games lag through with it now the jacks law passed award and they can run the caller foul on your markets harassed michigan state ran a nice high low jackson downed award and you're right heirs to pick that up your post player that's his first second on the vikings from the.

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