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Rolling stone magazine defends brock obama calling mitt romney abi essar in its magazine but of course not saying bs but the whole words says president trump is taking heed from liberal media for reportedly referring to some countries as blank holes but what obama publicly called republican rival mitt romney abi essar in 2012 rolling stone magazine sprang to his defence in rolling stones article a brief history of presidential profanity they started the article by mocking the outrage brock obama's vulgarity they said when president obama called mitt romney a b essar in the pages of rolling stone back in 2012 itself a brief firestorm defenders of the republican candidate were shot shot that the man holding highest office in the land would resorts as dutch language in truth halls of the white house like nearly every other house the country with the apparent exceptional mitt romney's have heard no shortage of profanity over the decades according rolling stone magazine vulgar language as unjust acceptable it's even required for united states president roy still magazine said it's a dirty job leading the free world sometimes it takes a few dirty words they even justified obama calling romney abi essar because quote the dirty word is more precise unquote roy stomach using than listed examples of vulgarity employed by a host of presidents vicepresidents and presidential candidates abraham lincoln there's nothing to make an englishman blank quicker than the site of general george washington barack obama obama really drew the ire of the pious calling oh opponent mitt romney of yasser joe biden is this is a big blanking deal dick cheney reportedly told vermont senator patrick lay he to go blank himself george w bush commented on the presence of new york times reporter adam climber believing he had an audience of one other words he didn't realize the mic was on told dick cheney that adam climber from new york times the major league blake uh barack obama i don't think i should take that blank from any body on that do you richard nixon the watergate tapes put the phrase expletive deleted on the.

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