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ESPN radio alongside Mike Wells and Myron Metcalf. I'm Joe Fortune ball, and it is a big day. For the world of basketball as the 2020 Yes. 2020 Hall of Fame class will be inducted into the Naysmith Basketball Hall of Fame tonight. The speeches are set to be given in the next few hours will break to it. If something pops up that we'd like to share with you, but the three big headliners tonight, Myron Tim Duncan. Kevin Garnett and none other than the late great Kobe Bryant. We've been sharing stories with listeners. We've been sharing stories with each other throughout the course of the show, Kobe Bryant when he comes to mind, is there specific moment, a specific game specific error that stands out to you? That is just Pure vintage Kobe. Well, I think maybe off the court I'd covered in instantly Tournament game a couple years back, and he and bloody healed Who's now with the Sacramento Kings that formed a relationship and I looked up and Kobe's there once, but there's a lot of buzz about that. He's like in the eighth row. Just kind of hanging out. And I remember after the game, Buddy Hill goes up and he was talking to Kobe and you could just see just sort of all struck He Woz. It was like his idol was in front of him, and I think That's what Kobe Bryant represented for this generation of players. They wanted to be him. Hey, wanted to you, Mike, but they wanted to be him. I think more than anything, of all the incredible moments he's had five championships coming out of high school. To me. It's just the fact Mike that he carried that wait. I mean, this guy who had to be good the buzz out of high school and then you're in l A. They're just so many reasons that a player in that position who was 17 when he was drafted, I believe would have failed. Jerry West believed in him, and he's lived up to the hype and some you just kind of wish he was here I was. You definitely wish he was here, but I think it'll be a great celebration of his life and career at the Hall of Fame today. We We know about Kobe, the basketball player and obviously what he's you know, touch something lives. What I liked about him was it wasn't just about the MBA. I mean, he loved going to W NBA games, taking his daughter G there and, you know, coaching, helping coach that they're a team. That's a side that I liked about Kobe. It wasn't just that he you know the multiple championships that he won the competitive side trying to go toe to toe. And when, as many titles as Michael Jordan and being arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, it was his idea his soft side and when I say soft, I don't mean truly soft but decide that you know the passionate side of wanting to have his daughter, you know, be one of the best basketball players in her age group and just support the WN BA players. It's funny. I was on a flight to Phoenix. Prior to the pandemic, and I just happen to get sitting, too, said I was sitting next to a family and their daughter that was on the one on the diving team in the Olympics. And they went over the Beijing in pretty for the Olympics. What was it? 22,008 of them always taken? You know, eight, And they said that Kobe would be in all the different events and they were showing me pictures on your phone of Kobe. Just being a spectator. So while he wanted to be the passionate side of being in the gym nonstop, like like Joe mentioned a story earlier. He also wanted to support others, and that's what I liked about Kobe Bryant and in part B was when he towards Achilles. And he got back in no time. The following season, He wanted to be on the basketball court and show that he was still one of the top dogs. Mike Wells, Myron Medcalf, Joe 14 Ball. This is Game day on ESPN radio. It's fascinating to sit back and look at it as a whole because this was one of the few individuals we got to watch from a very young age mature all the way through being an adult. Mean, we get introduced to a lot of these guys. Maybe when they're in college, you know, Think about college football. We got to meet Trevor Laurence a little bit. We got to know a little bit about his private life. But now we're going to see him as a football player. You know, we heard about Kobe early because his father was Joe Bryant, former basketball player right? And you know he's overseas growing up in Italy, So you hear about them a little bit much like you heard about a guy like Bryce Harper or Stephen Strasburg, for example. Or LeBron James, and then he comes into the public eye with no college. So we're meeting him at 17 and 18 years old and then immediately traded to Los Angeles, which Musicians, Actors, athletes, whatever it could be, could fall temptation to all of that. And just wash out almost immediately. 18 years old. Oh, by the way, you're playing with shack. Oh, by the way right away, you're playing for titles. Like putting all that on the shoulders and then watching them grow up, watching him play well, watching him make mistakes both on and off the court, watching him grow, watching him learn, watching him evolve and get married and evolve and have Children and evolved from from more than just this young basketball player. That was at one point notice Joe Bryant's kid to ultimately Kobe Bryant. Leader, community leader. White husband, Father mentor All these things later in life. I mean, that's why I think it stung so badly to see him taken away from all of us because we had watched that progression and he was getting better and better and better. And obviously, the basketball. You know, you get older in the game falls apart a little bit. That's gonna happen, everyone, but as a human, it just got better and better watching him throughout. And I think that was the toughest thing for so many of us, Myron When he was taken away. So young and so tragically is that we have been watching just greatness on and off the court grow. Over two plus decades. Yeah, and to watch Michael Jordan, shedding tears at the memorials for Kobe Bryant and to share about their relationship, and it was almost like Michael Jordan was saying Maybe that was the one guy who understood me. Like like you. Even though he was younger, they had the same mindset on became friends. And, Yeah, you wish she was here. You know, this is such a tragic thing to think back to what happened. But you're also happy that his life will be celebrated like Mike to me. That group of guys Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant. Who go from high school to the pros right away. I think that's the last generation of high school legends. And I say that because we saw LeBron James, playing from his sophomore year on All of these guys travel the world now and they play each other, so there is a lot of mystery. About these players, even if they go into college or go right away to the MBA, whereas Kobe Bryant, it was a mystery Wait, he's doing what in Philly and then you had Kevin Garnett wait. He's doing what in Chicago, so I think they represent that last generation of legendary preps players and they're both lived up to the height. Well, you know, that was the time the pre YouTube videos where you know people were clicking on him nonstop. I mean, LeBron had people following him nonstop from, you know, like you said, from the age of, you know, essentially 14 15 years old, but that's that generation. Where, Okay. Were they went through that run with Garnett 95. Then you had Jermaine O'Neal, Kobe Bryant and 96. I don't member of stop my head who came on 98, but they had all those people, you know, pop popping up and just making that that starting that run of Let's make this jump..

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