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We laugh Anthony every week in our top ten list about losing money in Wall Street causing a losing money and risky investments it is no laughing matter but the history has shown us that main street investors in particular do just that lose money over and over and over and over again and at Perry financial group you have researched this issue and you've come up with some startling reasons starling is right right and it's very tragic and pathetic but the number one reason across America white folks to this day continue to lose money in risky investments risky stocks risky bonds risky variable annuities ignorance ignorance that's correct folks don't have a clue on what the heck they're doing in these risky investments that researching them we're not asking enough questions of their advisers do not reading the fine print folks please any time you get into any investment you must read the fine print ignorance no one reason across America what folks continue to lose money risk investments second reason it's that thrill of gambling the gambling euphoria folks thank you that is that's not good for you gamblers never win in the long run not said your family your retirement yourself stop the gambling number three what philosophers across the world what they call in sanity and insanity is when you keep doing something over and over again but one day you think you're gonna get a different result in your gambling in the Wall Street casino risky stocks and bonds in variable annuities mutual funds what you think one day everything is going to change you really haven't made much money over the years maybe have lots of money but you think one day if you keep doing the same thing it's gonna change folks that's insane please stop the gambling stop the.

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