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The revelations are coming out a little bit at a time is that a marketing strategy to maintain interest what when you have three hundred nad to reporters from more than ninety media organizations working in silence for more than a year writing their stories reporting researching there's a lot of stories decided thirteen and a half million records and where probably only scratching the surface where you're seeing is their carefullyplanned rollout off stories ford's fighers on celebrity sign the data where not telling those toys first let's their first the stories of elected officials multinationals and then will roll out all the rest of the stories i think the instincts of the public and even of newsrooms is to look for the juiciest two bit the most infuriating corruption them most highprofile misconduct and so far the paradise papers have not really yielded a whole lot of that i think if we are not infuriated when we see that accompany make up all that had been cracked down on for aids have you save tax avoidance strategies goes on and ask exactly the same two or three years later maybe that's something that we have to think as a society i we okay with the wealthiest escaping or roads what we now hope is that people would make the connection between the stories they are reading of our hyprocrisy and conflicts of interests than secrecy and their own lives and when they read a story sunday wonder who's the victim here that they can quickly realized that the victim them marina thank you very much thank you bob marina walker is the deputy director for the international consortium of investigative journalists so after the panama and paradise papers opened our eyes to the lifestyles of the rich and famous we've still glimpsed only the tip of the bilderberg so says brooke carrington professor of economics us y'all aji at copenhagen business school and author of capital without borders according to harry taylor we really want to understand the world of ultra highnet worth we.

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