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Buyback? Our number two the day show live on demand on the blaze aided eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three's the number eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three Steve Steve day Stott com. As the Email address like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Steve dais show. Last name spell DAC. You know, one of the reasons we have my good friend. Bob anthropoids on the show with us each week if you'd just listen to him. Is we like to support people that are taking on principle fights and causes and with legislation like the heartbeat Bill. We think Bob is doing that. And so we want to give him in his organization a platform to share that fight with our audience, and maybe encourage you to be a part of it on some level. Even if it's just praying for its success, another such person, we've been talking about recently as taking on a pretty difficult fighting that stand against your own family, and that is Victoria Hearst. She is descended from probably familiar with the name William Randolph. I one of the great. Tycoons business magnets in American history. One of her family's properties is Cozma politics magazine, and Victoria is concerned out. She has noticed in recent years, it has tended to include shall we say more adult oriented material while continuing to market it to young girls like Todd's daughters or mine. She's not asking the magazine asking her family to to practise censorship. Although I'm sure she would mind if they decided to clean up their act, she's asking for a very moderate step a modest proposal, which is if you wanna put playboy oriented content in the magazine, and it should be shielded from minors like magazines like playboy happened to be. If you agree with that..

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