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You're listening to comedy central. I was at the movies <hes> <hes> yesterday and before the movie started they had this long ad bad where there are trying to say like you know those ads where it's like don't download things illegally etc and the way they did is they were like back. You wouldn't steal a purse would you. You wouldn't think of stealing a car and i was thinking about it as watching it. I was like you know what i would steal a car. If it was as easy as like touching the car and then thirty seconds later i owned the car the and like i would steal a car by stealing the car the person who owned the car car. They got to keep the car and steel car. If <hes> no one had ever met uh-huh ever bought a car before that was kaeling from comedy death ray in two thousand seven sustained up at christmas stuff for knowing the cowboys. What a cute little show. We have what a cute show today comedy central. We changed her name from comedy central khloe to g._d._p. Gaels khloe gals autocratic not here so instead. We have a jar of honey honey. How are you doing today. <hes> love first of all. Your boy has a huge crush on mindy caling married probably or whatever i'm sure she is but <hes> i'm sure i've always loved mindy kelly even if she wasn't she's. I'm probably not her type but i've always loved mindy mindy kaeling yeah and i didn't know she did could stand up but just listening to her. She obviously knew she was hilarious genius but i didn't know that you ever did stand up so that was like a cute little surprised to find out well. I think she'd like a lot of like performance former stuff like her. Matt ban was like her first show. Okay she did in new york which like about <hes> <hes> ben affleck and matt that damon who if you if you could hear someone who pose a question if you could strap on a dildo while you cancer in a dildo if possible would you shop at a deal don't and bang out matt damon i or ben affleck i but i have to do both just okay. You know what actually yeah. I implies yeah. You have to accession of you have to do both. So who are you going to. Who are you doing. I and why matt damon out of the way and then move onto cute little benny you got it. I would if i was going to if one of them was going to bang me in the ass. I prefer both at the same time but if i had to go one by one i definitely would say mattamy tame. I okay because i feel like a little bit more gentle and then i would just let ben affleck fucking ravaged. I would try and seduce ben affleck nick and then go into his pocket and take out his phone and get jennifer garner's phone number call her. That's my scheme jennifer garner if you could bump posts with jennifer garner would you bumpers is the scientific term <hes> yeah. What's the what's the the game movie that she's in <hes>. I dunno no love simon. She's that's her. She's the mom in that movie and it made me cry so much. She does a little impromptu..

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