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Well, have you been following the Goya Foods controversy? The chairman of Goya Foods with Obama was invited to the White House and the spoke there, said some nice things about President Obama and then again in the Trump White House. When they invite the great American business leaders. He's one of them. He was invited to the White House and the chairman of quiet foods while he was there made some nice comments. About what great job President Trump is doing Well, all the nut job left wing AOC cooks go nuts in the call for a boycott of Goya Foods. And the horrible thing to do horrible things that one of the one of America's great companies on employer of thousands of people, here's this idiot AOC trying to cost these people their jobs she wants. Goya boycotted. So the White House feels bad The president poses with a picture him with a lot of Goya food, Ivanka Post on her instagram or wherever I love Goya Foods by Goya or whatever. S so now they're trying to go after them for ethics violations. They can't promote a product. You'll see this all day and night to watch Chris Cuomo last night that steroid nutty Chris Cuomo. How dare the president. What if there's trouble in the world out, dear, he's waste time. Promoting Goya. Why it's silly. Why would he do anything so silly? Then, of course. Everybody immediately posted the comedy routines he was doing with his brother, the governor with big, huge props. Remember that big six foot swab and all that clowning around and joking around the middle of Corona virus in nursing home deaths, and also he's more guilty than anybody of that, But I checked Sales of Goya Foods. Up in the last week. Way up, So it has helped Goya foods. They're making a lot of money right now, anyway, Let's take some calls. Let's go, Teo Buck in New Jersey. Hey, Buck, how you doing? How you doing, Mark? You're doing a great job. Listen, I go to the beach every single weekend with my wife that we'll sit by the Inland sea full little all trump sides Trump for president. Now, my job I drive from Atlantic City. All we have to Elmwood Park every day. I see banners, Flags, poster size Trump for president. I have not not every kid mark. I have not seen one. Joe Biden Sign poster batter for president ever. You should change Think Joe Extinction. Yeah, That's a good point. Thanks for calling. I know you said. Well, what about these polls? The polls are totally public Polls are totally rigged. They don't put very many Republicans in the sample. No matter how many times explain this, it never quite sinks into. They still believe these poles. Republicans and using 23 24% of the sample should be 36%. So right wave shaved 12 points off Donald Trump right there. Then they don't use likely voters, which are the people you're supposed to serve. They use what they call adults, which means they can pick whoever they want to be in the poll that shaves another five points or so. Rigged, rigged rigged polls. Look at the president in this past primary week out there, every candidate a campaign for one big that tells you something right there. Let's go to Davin. Chicago. Dave, How you doing? Very well, Mark. Good morning. I was wondering as far as Corona virus is concerned, Uh, Thanksgiving restaurants. Will there be indoor dining, and even if there are will they take a massive hit, and secondly, finally marked black Friday? A lot of people are used to shopping at home. But are there gonna be lining up with social distancing and Mass and trying to get the door busters and whatnot? Well, we'll see. That's a good question. First. You're not allowed to call it Black Friday, anywhere will be something else have to change the name. Ah, Thanksgiving. It'll be interesting, but you know, we gotta wait and see. Gotta wait and see. There's a couple of things you gotta remember. I mean, don't get your hopes up, but a couple of things can happen. The virus could just go away. At some point. This has happened with every other virus. At some point it just goes away. It just mutates into nothing and goes away. Happened with swine flu all that even the great pandemic in 1918 1919. It just went away at one point just mutated out and gone. Now, the bad news there In that case it took. I think a year and 1/2 almost two years to go, But it went away at some point. But this could right now The vice has been weakening its been mutating, weaker and weaker and weaker. Now, some experts will tell you that doesn't necessarily mean it's going away. Sometimes it hides for awhile comes roaring back. Sometimes it just goes away, so we'll wait. See what happens now. The other for the vaccine is a long way off, and the vaccine will be risky. Even if that Comes out what they call the therapeutics, the drugs, they treat it with Hydroxy Clark. One has been very effective. As has a Z Pak or Al Jinn, Orin disappear. There's about seven things they use right now, At any moment, they might find a couple more that really bring down the symptoms. So that's another way. And they treated much better Now that they've got these drugs, you know, the death rate is approaching zero. Right now. It's 0.36 It's getting close to zero. You know, as you see the spike in Florida and Texas and all of that. They never point out that the death rate is plunging in those states, So they're treating this much better now, much better results with those with those drugs, those therapeutics, let's take one more call to go to Tom and Pennsylvania. Tom. How you doing? Hey, Mark, I'm doing good. How are you? Good. A mark. So I'm with you on the math. I'm okay with wearing a mask. If you know you have to put one on to go into a store, But I did happen upon the American Association of Positions. Insurgents issue issued a report and it says very clearly that As 95 mask will keep out a 950.3 micro meter particulate. The Corona virus particulate is 0.12 Fuck. I understand. Yeah, but thanks, Tom. But here's the thing. You don't need an N 95 mask and the mask is not going to protect you from getting the virus. That's not the idea. You write. The particulars can get through the mask. You could have the mask on and still catch it. But What you want is aware Messer. You don't spread it. If everybody has amassed nobody's spreading. It is generally spread by the droplets coming out of your mouth, so the mask will pretty much prevent those droplets from going any place. So that's the reason you were it'sjust if everyone's wearing it And this has been tested. It dramatically reduces the odds of other people get. It won't protect you, but it'll protect other people. Ah, when we come back Ray Kelly, now there's no better expert in the world. On the police department's What to do. Fighting crime will get all of that In a moment on 7 10 W O R Let's get the latest news here is no only Mark. Mayor De Blasio says he's feeling cautious about beginning phase four of reopening on Monday..

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